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Divyenndu discusses the factors limiting theatre audiences




Divyenndu explains what limits the number of audience for theatre

In his upcoming movie ‘Madgaon Express’, actor Divyenndu explains why theatre struggles to attract a larger audience compared to cinema. Divyenndu, who has a background in theatre, points out the challenges in exhibition and distribution that limit theatre’s reach. He emphasizes the advantage of cinema’s wide distribution network, including OTT platforms that bring movies to viewers’ screens.

Having been involved in theatre during his college days and with fellow actor Abhishek Banerjee in their institution’s dramatics society, Divyenndu understands the unique appeal of theatre. However, he highlights the logistical constraints that make it harder for theatre to reach a mass audience compared to cinema. The actor notes the exclusivity of theatre shows, with limited seating capacity, requiring audiences to physically attend a performance.

In contrast, cinema’s widespread distribution network ensures that movies can reach a larger audience through various platforms, including OTT services. Divyenndu acknowledges the convenience of streaming platforms, which make films accessible to viewers even after their theatrical release. He points out that while theatre offers a more intimate and exclusive experience, cinema has a broader reach and impact, reaching audiences across the country simultaneously.


‘Madgaon Express’, produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar’s Excel Entertainment, is scheduled to release in theatres on March 22, 2024. The movie promises to provide a cinematic experience that showcases the widespread appeal and impact of films compared to the more exclusive nature of theatre performances. With Divyenndu’s insights into the challenges facing theatre in attracting a large audience, the discussion highlights the unique qualities and limitations of both art forms in the realm of entertainment.

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