Dixie Hills Shooting In Atlanta, Georgia: Three Died During Lil Baby Music Video Filming

On Tuesday, local media reports confirmed that several people were shot in Atlanta in a shooting incident occurring in the Dixie Hills area, as reported by Fox 5.

The exact location of the incident is the 2100 block of Verbena Street, north of I-20 and near KIPP Atlanta Collegiate in the Dixie Hills neighborhood.

After the gunfire, a video circulating on social media claimed that approximately three people were shot during the incident.

This occurred during the filming of a music video by rapper Lil Baby. However, as of now, the Georgia Police have not issued any statements on the matter.

Netizens sharing the video stated that when the music video was being filmed, a gunfire exchange broke out. Eyewitnesses claimed that it occurred in the evening.

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Consequences of Gunfire Exchange

It is ambiguous whether the rapper, Lil Baby, was present at the scene at the time of the gunfire exchange. Neither the rapper’s staff/team nor the police officials have confirmed his presence to the public.

Furthermore, none of the social media handles of Lil Baby mention the rapper recording a music video near Verbena Street in northern Atlanta.

Allegedly, an Atlanta-based media outlet, News Made It, posted videos of the incident on its Instagram handle.

According to a report by News Made It, “those who were shot were not part of the video production team for the music video.”

After gathering preliminary information about the incident, the police announced that they had received reports of gunfire and thus rushed to the scene near a Northwest Atlanta park.

According to, the music video was being filmed around 4:45 p.m. local time when the shooting took place.

According to online reports circulating on the internet, renowned rapper Lil Baby was neither shot nor sustained any injuries.

According to Times Now, three male victims succumbed to their injuries after being shot. All of them were in their 20s.

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