Do I Have Flat Feet and How Can I Find Shoes That Fit Me Better?

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We’ve all heard of having two left feet, and the struggles they cause on the dance floor. If you have found that your aching ankles extend past the ballroom, it’s time to ask yourself do I have flat feet? 

Don’t worry, your condition is a lot more common than you realize. Experts believe that about 30% of the world’s population has flat feet. 

Those with flat feet may experience pain or discomfort. Without finding shoes for flat feet, the condition could lead to ankle, heel, or arch swelling. If you have flat feet, now is the time to act. 

Read on to learn how to determine if you have flat feet and where to find the best shoes!

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Do I Have Flat Feet?

First, let’s perform a little test to determine if your feet would enjoy new footwear. You can do this right at home!

All you have to do is get your feet a bit wet. This works best if they’re completely coated in water but not dripping. If you’re feeling a bit more creative, you can also paint the bottom of your feet!

Next, step onto a solid surface, such as a sidewalk or concrete back porch. If you can see the complete sole of your foot on the ground, then congratulations! You’re among the millions of Americans who also have flat feet. 

Having a flat foot means that your arch didn’t fully develop from childhood, or your arch gradually fell over time as you aged. Arches are pretty important: they absorb shock and help you maintain your balance. 

Flat feet may cause pain in the heel, ankle, or tendons of the foot. You could go see a doctor, but they will likely tell you to switch up your shoes. So what should you be shopping for? 

Which Shoes Help Flat Feet?

You’ll want to pick out shoes from experienced brands that provide either custom or artificial orthotic arch support. With just a few centimeters of support, you’ll realize that activities like walking or doing chores around the house are much easier and less tiring! 

There are many brands of footwear on the market that advertise arch support. Our favorite shoes are from Healthy Feet Store. 

This company knows a thing or two when it comes to fallen arches. They even have a medical board made up of dedicated surgeons and podiatrists! Read an article that their Medical Director, Dr. Jeffrey Hurless, wrote about flat feet here. 

Finding Solutions for Your Flat Feet

While many Americans wonder do I have flat feet, few realize that there is relief from the aches and pain they may cause. Simply by finding shoes with artificial arches, or inserting a custom arch, you’ll be standing straighter and living a well-balanced, pain-free life!

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