Does Being Fit Mean you are Healthy?

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Cardiovascular disease and heart attacks have become particularly common all over the globe. There most definitely is a misconception within today’s day and age, where people assume that health is based on looks or those that are involved in sports and physical activity. Yet this does not mean scientifically that there still couldn’t be a heart-related problem to those associated. Multiple celebrities known as the fit elite of Hollywood, have also succumbed to heart attacks and cardiac arrests, so what does healthy actually mean?

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The Rise of Cardiovascular Disease 

As mentioned above, cardiovascular disease has started to target people that go outside of the normal association of obesity. While the primary reason is a sedentary lifestyle (particularly so after recovering from the pandemic), anyone can be susceptible to heart irregularities, if they do not use their heart muscle regularly, in addition to damaging lifestyle choices too of course. Doctors are admitting many young adults with heart irregularities that are linked to weak cardiovascular health. While genetics does play a part of the story here, many people do not realise how at risk they are with the unhealthy habits they lead.

Many people now after the pandemic being still among us, have reduced their usual routine of exercise. The recommended exercise level by the British Heart Foundation, is 3-4 times a week, of at least 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous level exercise. To go from that to nothing in the space of a year can have damaging effects on your heart.

If you have unhealthy habits of drinking, smoking or working long hours that affect your necessary sleeping pattern, that is another reason that puts you at risk of cardiovascular disease. It has been proven that including food groups into your every day diet is essential to lesson your chances of heart disease, however it is vital if you have had a significant change to your physical routine and overall lifestyle due to the pandemic, that you commit to regular heart check-ups with a doctor to ensure everything is functioning as it should be.

While prevention is always text book in most cases; meaning a regime of conscious changes should help overall, if you happen to notice changes in your health such as breathlessness, fatigue, chest pains and headaches, seeking medical attention is advised. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially with such circumstances like heart health. In addition to this, it is always best to do some digging into family history, to ensure you are aware of any genetic related health risks, because understanding such factors can help you understand if you are in the health-risk age category for overall immediate heart health. Knowing early could mean you could take precautionary measures and keep an eye on your heart’s health and progression as time goes on.

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