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Does Your Moon Chart show Success & Wealth & Prosperity?

The nine planets effects on native ones such as their position in the Horoscope form the basis of astronomical analysis. These Planets play a vital role in shaping human life.



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The nine planets in terms of their effects on native ones such as their position in the Horoscope form the basis of astrological analysis. It is these nine Planets that play a vital role in shaping human life.

In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that “the nine planets are the celestial bodies that literally determine how man’s destiny will end in his life”.

Therefore, it is always recommended that a person consult the Astrologer to know how the various spheres of his life are destined to occur and how to minimize adverse effects and at the same time magnify the positive effects of the different planets in his or her position.

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Significance of the Moon

We can only say that we lead a happy life when our mind is in a state of happiness and peace. All the comforts and advantages of this material world cannot be overemphasized if one does not have a positive attitude.

As the Moon represents the mind, it is the most important planet in Vedic Astrology. Astronomer when analyzing a horoscope or indigenous Kundli focuses heavily on interpreting the meaning of the traditional planet Moon.

In order to have a complete understanding of the Moon’s position in the horoscope or indigenous kundli and its effects on the traditional one, astronomer analyzes Chandra Kundli of that native.

This kind of kundli reveals in great detail what the planet Moon has in store for man especially when it comes to that person’s mental state and inner personality.


Interestingly, the most accurate predictions about Raja Yogas and Dhana Yogas (if any) in a man’s house are made by careful analysis of that person’s Chandra Kundli.

How is the Moon Observed?

Now, there are a lot of astrological approvals and possible combinations by Chandra Kundli ultimately determining the final results of the Moon in the native.

However, astronomer while studying the human Chandra Kundli looks at the following:


The house where the Moon is

It is very important that the Moon is placed in a house that corresponds to the Moon. If the Moon is placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th horoscope, such a Moon causes problems in life and loses its beneficial properties. The moon in the house with a burning object attached to it also developed the Moon which will bring trouble to a person’s life especially in terms of his mood.

The planets meet the Moon

When the Moon is in contact with male natural planets such as Saturn, Rahu (North Node of the Moon) or Ketu (South Node of the Moon), it disrupts peace of mind and leads to confusion and anxiety. So, too, there must be beautiful planets like Jupiter or Venus next to the Moon in the house.


Planets by Looking at the Moon

Planetary factors play an important role in determining the overall effects of a particular planet in which an element is cast. When vicious planets like Mars or the Sun do their thing on the Moon, the native goes through a change in the wild mood in life and tends to let go of his anger all the time. Such cruel elements on the Moon result in bad relationships in traditional life.

Sign where the Moon is

It is very important that the sign where the Moon is where it should be controlled by the planet-friendly planet. In the case of the Moon there is a controlled sign e.g. Saturn, where the dark and horrible effects of Saturn overshadow the natural structures of the Moon which lead to sadness, lack of zeal in life or even depression in some very serious situations.

House with the sign of the moon

The Moon controls the sign of Cancer which is a very powerful water sign and carries high levels of the Moon’s natural signals such as emotions, feelings, intelligence, treatment, sensitivity and state of mind as well as thoughts.


If this sign is placed in the houses of the sixth, 8th or 12th horoscope or in houses directed or dominated by cruel planets, then the Moon, no matter where it is placed on the horoscope, bears the brunt of male influences. it is caused by such planets.

Nakshatra of the Moon

When it comes to the general effect of the planet Nakshatra where the planet is located it plays a major role. In the case of the Moon again, the astronomer analyzes the Nakshatra in which the Moon is located and thus determines the effects of the planet that controls that Nakshatra in the Moon.

It is very important that the ruler of Nakshatra aligns with the Moon or is well placed in Chandra Kundli so that the Moon acquires great power and benefits the native by respecting its natural features and indigenous backgrounds Life reflects as it stands in its traditional place or horoscope.


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