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Doorstep garbage collection in Greater Noida villages soon

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Soon Greater Noida will have a doorstep garbage collection facility in around 124 villages. It all will commence under Greater Noida Authority. The facility will be beneficial for thousands of residents living in the area according to reports. Although it will only be developed for the residents of Greater Noida. 

On Saturday, celebrating ‘World Toilet Day’, Greater Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari saw so many villages along with nearby surrounding the area don’t have door-to-door garbage collection facilities. “At the beginning of the new year, a (private) agency will be selected to collect garbage from homes in these villages and sectors,” Maheshwari said.

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According to an official statement, she also said that the authority has planned 32 more public toilets beside the 30 that are already under construction.

 “At present, 19 public toilets are ready, while work is underway on 11 others. Of these 30, nine are pink toilets (dedicated to women) and the rest are common public toilets. All these are being made on BOT (build-operate-transfer) basis at a cost of Rs 3.72 crore,” 

Maheshwari said. “Besides these, approval has been received for the construction of 32 public toilets and tenders for their construction will be issued soon. The project’s cost is estimated to be around Rs 4.28 crore,” she said. On the occasion, the senior IAS officer also urged the general public to use public toilets instead of defecating in the open and help keep Greater Noida clean.

It will be of great help to residents who had to throw waste in an open surroundings thus damaging the area and making it dirty. Facilities like this will make them aware on how to follow proper instructions to keep the environment clean and healthy. Additionally, this will likely be the first time such a facility will be introduced in rural area.

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