Doratoon – The Best Cartoon Video Maker for Freelancers

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The competition in the world of freelance design is becoming fierce. There are dozens of freelance websites like illustration, graphic design and video-making, offering professionals like yours the opportunity to work as freelancers. What does this mean? You cannot afford to stay with the level of skills and experience you currently have.

Do you want to start your freelance cartoon-making but worry about having no professional knowledge and suitable tools? We are here to help you!

It may interest you to know you do not have to go through the stress of developing your project from scratch. Doratoon, an online cartoon video maker,  will help you make your own cartoons and animated characters in a breeze. Read on to learn all about this special tool.

What is Doratoon?

Doratoon is a powerful and feature-rich cartoon video making tool that lets you create awesomely unique cartoons and animated characters seamlessly. It frees you up from the stress of creating customized videos from scratch.

You can select from the millions of royalty-free animations, 2D & 3D backgrounds, templates, stock footage, and more. Everything you need to inspire your creativity to create stunning cartoon characters and cartoons is available on the platform.

The best part is you can start for free. That means you can create your first cartoon for free. If you are a new freelancer trying to pick up skills in cartoon making, Doratoon offers you everything you need. You do not need any skills to get started.

What Features are Available in Doratoon

As mentioned, Doratoon is feature-rich, which means you can explore numerous features to create attention-grabbing cartoons. The unique features of the platform include:

  • Pre-animated Customizable Templates

Freelancers will find thousands of pre-animated customizable templates covering various genres. When you get a brief from your client, you only have to understand the concept, storyline, and target audience of your client.

Based on this, you can browse through the thousands of pre-animated templates on the platform and choose the option that suits the concept. Using the editing tools, rearrange the elements and import any content from your device to the platform. Within minutes, you can complete creating your cartoon with the cartoon video maker online.

  • Thousands of Animated Characters

Doratoon has thousands of animated characters freelancers can explore. These characters have numerous facial expressions and actions to fit into any mood and emotions. With this, you do not have to create your cartoon characters from scratch.

You can choose from any of these to create your cartoon. Doratoon has over 8000 facial expressions, which means you will find everything you need on the platform.

  • Artificial Intelligent Drawing

If you like messing around with drawing and creating unique cartoon characters, you can use the AI Drawing feature on the Doratoon account. The feature allows you to sketch the concept you have in mind and it suggests the appropriate image.

AI Drawing is always accurate with its prediction, irrespective of how bad you are at sketching. After getting the image suggestion, accept it and you can use colors to beautify your images and add other effects.

  • Artificial Intelligent Dubbing

You cannot take the element of audio off your cartoon if you want to make it meaningful to your audience. Therefore, when creating a cartoon for your client, you need to consider the voiceover, sound effects, and background sounds. With Doratoon, you have everything you need.

AI Dubbing offers you the opportunity to convert text to speech. Therefore, instead of recording a voiceover, you can write out the text and upload it to the platform. Next, select your preferred voice character for the voiceover.

The voice character will dub the voiceover for you, giving emphasis where necessary. You can adjust the pace of the voice using the editing tool on the platform.

Doratoon has a plethora of features you can explore. You can play around with them to arrive at the perfect cartoon design. Summarily, you can find the following features when you want to use Doratoon to make videos:

  • 100M+ Stock videos and images
  • 10000+ 2D and 3D background images
  • 1000+ Animated Characters with facial expressions and actions
  • 10000+ Stock Props

How to Use Doratoon to make Cartoons

With an understanding of the numerous features, you can explore with the online cartoon video maker, the next step is to know how to use the tool. So, how do you use Doratoon to make cartoons? It is pretty easy. In simple steps, you can completely create cartoons in minutes. Here are the steps:

Step One: Sign up for a free Doratoon account on the official website.

Step Two: Select a pre-animated template that suits your concept. Ensure you browse through the extensive library to find the perfect design for your creation.

Step Three: Use the editing tools and features on the platform to customize the chosen template. Drag and drop some elements, change colors, rearrange the frames, and more. The tools are intuitive, which means you can easily use them without any previous skills or experience in animation.

Step Four: Preview your cartoon and adjust as necessary. When you are fine with your creation, download it to your PC and send it to your client.

Use Doratoon to make Cartoons

Doratoon is a leading free online cartoon maker for businesses, freelancers, and anyone interested in creating animated characters. It is easy to use and does not require any skills or experience. You can make your cartoon within minutes using this tool.

Everything you need to inspire your creativity in freelance work and deliver an exceptional job for your client is available on Doratoon. Sign up for a free account today and get started with your cartoon creation.

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