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DpBoss Satta Kalyan Matka Result Today 16 October 2023 – LIVE Updates for Kalyan Satta King

DpBoss Satta Kalyan Matka Result Today 16 October 2023 – The second day of Navratri, a day that echoes with devotion and prayers, witnessed an unexpected turn of fortune for those who tried their luck in DpBoss Satta Kalyan Matka. As if touched by the divine hand of Mata Rani herself, many players who confronted in lottery and betting found themselves blessed with excellent profits, counting their gains in crores of rupees. It was indeed a wonderful beginning to the week, and the joy knew no bounds.

The auspicious occasion of Navratri has always been associated with the showering of blessings and good fortune, and this year was no exception. As devotees celebrated and offered their prayers, they found a different kind of blessing in the form of financial prosperity. Many players who had decided to take their chances on DpBoss Satta Kalyan Matka had their faith rewarded.

DpBoss Satta Kalyan Matka Result

What’s truly remarkable is the stories of those who had invested a relatively small amount but ended up winning substantial sums. Their gains were often several times more than what they had initially put at stake. It’s as if the universe conspired to grant them unanticipated financial windfalls during this sacred time.

DpBoss Satta Matka Kalyan Latest Results for 16 October 2023 (LIVE Updates Today)

GameWinning NumberTime (Start)Time (End)
MUMBAI DAY [MAIN]127-003:45 PM05:45 PM
TIME BAZAR DAY589-28-12502:00 PM04:00 PM
MILAN DAY800-82-77802:15 PM04:15 PM
MAIN BAZAR DAY127-003:35 PM05:35 PM
PUNA BAZAR159-52-39001:15 PM03:15 PM
KALYANLoading…04:55 PM06:55 PM
SRIDEVI NIGHT670-37-16007:00 PM08:00 PM
DIAMOND NIGHT237-24-14908:00 PM09:00 PM
MADHURI NIGHT479-03-58006:45 PM07:45 PM
NIGHT TIME BAZAR577-96-44808:35 PM10:35 PM
TARA MUMBAI NIGHT368-74-23908:30 PM10:30 PM
MILAN NIGHT120-38-55809:00 PM11:00 PM
RAJDHANI NIGHT259-65-44709:35 PM11:50 PM
MAIN RATAN178-61-13709:55 PM12:05 AM
MAIN BAZAR300-30-48809:40 PM12:05 AM
MAHARANI DAY470-15-25805:15 PM07:15 PM
SRIDEVI DAY566-78-18901:30 PM02:30 PM
DHANSHREE580-36-15011:20 AM12:20 PM
SOPHIE DAY140-55-16801:40 PM03:40 PM
MUMBAI MORNING170-82-48001:30 PM02:30 PM
KALYAN NIGHT390-21-23609:25 PM11:25 PM
KALYAN PRO459-89-18001:10 PM03:10 PM
SHARE BAZAR237-21-34412:30 PM02:30 PM
MAIN MORNING130-412:05 PM01:30 PM
GUJRAT356-42-39012:00 PM01:30 PM
OLD MAIN MUMBAI789-41-38009:30 PM12:05 AM
RAJLAXMI589-23-12011:05 AM12:05 PM
MADHUR MORNING170-84-68011:30 AM12:30 PM
MADHUR DAY145-06-44801:30 PM02:30 PM
MADHUR NIGHT135-98-26008:30 PM10:30 PM
SOPHIE NIGHT558-84-16708:40 PM10:40 PM
KUBER347-45-23002:00 PM03:30 PM
MAHARANI NIGHT278-70-33410:15 PM12:15 AM
PADMAVATI NIGHT300-34-14907:45 PM08:45 PM
JAY SHREE DAY237-25-15911:05 AM12:05 PM
SRI DHANALAXMI146-11-67812:00 PM01:00 PM
GOLDEN490-38-36912:00 PM02:00 PM
MAIN BOMBAY120-35-23009:35 PM12:05 AM
SUNDAY BAZAR467-73-14812:30 PM02:30 PM
SUNDAY BAZAR NIGHT345-23-58008:00 PM10:30 PM
RATAN KHATRI147-29-47810:00 PM12:00 AM
SRIDEVI [ main ]224-81-48911:35 AM12:35 PM
SRIDEVI [ main ] NIGHT169-66-88007:35 PM08:35 PM
SHAGUN DAY267-59-45011:40 AM12:40 PM
SUPREME DAY378-803:35 PM05:35 PM
SUPREME NIGHT248-47-35908:45 PM10:45 PM
GUJRAT NIGHT255-20-47908:30 PM10:00 PM
TARA340-74-14902:49 PM04:50 PM
SITA MORNING227-12-34509:45 AM10:45 AM
PUSHPAVANTI MORNING119-18-56711:05 AM12:05 PM
SRILAKSHMI578-04-34711:20 AM12:20 PM
CHANDNI DAY467-703:40 PM05:40 PM
LAXMI BAZAR157-30-56901:25 PM03:25 PM
BALAJI579-10-23502:10 PM03:10 PM
MILAN BAZAR356-403:45 PM05:45 PM
JANTA BAZAR DAY399-17-34001:15 PM03:15 PM
JANTA BAZAR NIGHT148-35-69008:45 PM10:45 PM
SUPER RATAN MORNING270-92-24611:30 AM12:30 PM
SUPER RATAN DAY700-79-45001:30 PM03:00 PM
SUPER RATAN NIGHT580-34-40008:30 PM10:30 PM
MAHARASHTRA236-102:45 PM05:10 PM
WORLI144-97-26908:30 PM10:30 PM
WORLI MUMBAI DAY129-25-16801:30 PM02:30 PM
MAIN MUMBAI RK145-07-12409:35 PM12:02 AM
WORLI MUMBAI189-89-46909:00 PM11:00 PM
SITA DAY588-10-28001:45 PM02:45 PM
PADMAJA DAY700-77-34001:00 PM03:00 PM
COUNTRY BAZAR280-05-23001:20 PM02:20 PM
ROSE BAZAR DAY348-502:30 PM05:55 PM
ROSE BAZAR NIGHT112-42-34509:45 PM12:02 AM
JANTA MORNING670-38-56701:00 PM02:00 PM
CENTRAL BOMBAY780-58-36903:00 PM04:00 PM
TEEN PATTI170-81-48907:45 PM08:45 PM
SUPER TIME347-43-49012:55 PM01:55 PM
MAYA BAZAR000-09-22502:45 PM03:45 PM
BHAGYALAXMI137-10-12712:40 PM01:40 PM
RATAN DAY190–002:30 PM04:30 PM
RATAN NIGHT560-11-39908:30 PM10:30 PM
KAALI334-00-11810:45 PM12:45 AM
MAIN KALYAN DAY155-13-23801:10 PM03:10 PM
MAIN BAZAR NIGHT180-97-26909:10 PM10:10 PM
SAGAR DAY350-83-15701:30 PM03:30 PM
SAGAR NIGHT599-39-12609:00 PM11:00 PM
MAIN MUMBAI NIGHT257-48-37809:10 PM11:10 PM
SUPER MATKA257-48-26005:00 PM07:00 PM
MAHARAJ TIME250-77-46701:00 PM02:00 PM
MAHARAJ DAY190-003:00 PM05:00 PM
MAHARAJ NIGHT249-58-23309:00 PM11:00 PM
BAZAR DAY134-84-14911:45 AM12:45 PM
BAZAR NIGHT155-18-17007:30 PM08:30 PM
VIRAR NIGHT290-16-24007:00 PM09:00 PM
TEEN PATTI OLD588-10-23507:50 PM08:50 PM
TARA MORNING559-99-57711:15 AM12:15 PM
RAJDHANI DAY122-503:00 PM05:00 PM
PUNA NIGHT599-33-24710:30 PM12:30 AM
KALYAN MARKET NIGHT189-86-60011:00 PM01:00 AM
TIRUPATI MORNING388-91-67811:25 AM12:25 PM
TIME NIGHT350-88-55808:15 PM10:15 PM
BOMBAY RAJSHREE DAY145-02-58901:00 PM03:00 PM
BOMBAY RAJSHREE NIGHT356-48-23309:00 PM11:00 PM
MAHAKALI DAY369-89-56811:10 AM12:10 PM
MAHAKALI NIGHT680-44-35607:00 PM08:00 PM
MOHINI489-13-23811:00 AM12:30 PM
MUMBAI STAR689-32-34507:50 PM08:50 PM
KALYAN DAY790-62-11001:35 PM02:35 PM
DHAN BAZAR DAY588-13-44512:10 PM02:10 PM
DHAN BAZAR NIGHT147-27-89007:45 PM08:45 PM
GOWA579-19-13512:30 PM02:25 PM
KALYAN BAZAR790-62-12902:10 PM04:10 PM
MAIN BAZAR MORNING260-87-25011:30 AM01:30 PM
MAHADEVI258-504:30 PM06:30 PM
MAIN GOA DAY245-103:00 PM05:00 PM
MAIN GOA NIGHT550-02-23709:00 PM11:00 PM
SUPER TIME BAZAR446-48-47711:25 AM12:25 PM
KALYAN GOLD358-603:55 PM05:55 PM
MAIN KALYAN599-38-35009:15 PM11:15 PM
SITA NIGHT489-10-56906:45 PM07:45 PM
KAMAL MORNING570-20-12712:10 PM01:10 PM
KAMAL DAY477-803:40 PM05:40 PM
KAMAL NIGHT580-31-13708:45 PM10:45 PM
RAJDHANI SUNDAY340-74-13009:35 PM11:45 PM
ANDHRA MORNING700-75-35710:40 AM11:40 AM
ANDHRA DAY112-403:35 PM05:35 PM
ANDHRA NIGHT588-13-14808:45 PM10:45 PM
RAJSHREE MORNING160-73-59911:35 AM12:35 PM
RAJSHREE138-20-56901:35 PM02:35 PM
KESARI MORNING770-411:20 PM12:20 PM
HYDERABAD150-62-34511:30 AM12:30 PM
MILAN MORNING228-20-29910:15 AM11:15 AM
SRIDEVI479-02-15611:35 AM12:35 PM
KALYAN MORNING490-32-48011:00 AM12:02 PM
PADMAVATI367-67-22311:40 AM12:40 PM
MADHURI569-00-38911:45 AM12:45 PM
SRIDEVI MORNING679-28-23309:30 AM10:30 AM
KUBER MORNING128-16-88010:45 AM11:45 AM
MAHARANI234-97-45812:15 PM02:15 PM
MAMA BHANJA330-68-23302:55 PM05:00 PM
KARNATAKA DAY579-14-22010:00 AM11:00 AM
TIME BAZAR MORNING580-39-46911:10 AM12:10 PM
TIME BAZAR677-03-35501:00 PM03:15 PM
DIAMOND679-29-38801:10 PM02:40 PM
TARA MUMBAI DAY370-05-78001:35 PM02:35 PM

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