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Dpboss Satta Matka Kalyan Result Today 11 May 2024 – LIVE Updates for Kalyan Satta King

DpBoss Satta Kalyan Result 11 May 2024 Live Update: From the Mahabharata period till today, betting has been viewed from the wrong perspective. That means it has not been recognized in the society till date. At that time, kings and emperors used to play it as entertainment with ministers and other kings. But in the present times, betting experts are betting on the winning numbers to live a luxurious life.

DpBoss Satta Matka Kalyan Latest Results for 11 May 2024

Every day some player or the other becomes the betting king. Also credits crores of rupees to his account overnight. However, playing Satta in India is completely banned. But still, people have found a way to play betting digitally sitting at home. Let us tell you that this game is risky. In this, you can also lose the wealth earned over the years.

DpBoss Satta Matka Kalyan Latest Results for 11 May 2024 (LIVE Updates Today)

GameIDOpening TimeClosing Time
MILAN MORNING136-08-23310:15 AM11:15 AM
SRIDEVI159-55-26711:35 AM12:35 PM
KALYAN MORNING788-39-36011:00 AM12:02 PM
PADMAVATI224-87-34011:40 AM12:40 PM
MADHURI389-08-37811:45 AM12:45 PM
SRIDEVI MORNING380-18-18909:30 AM10:30 AM
KUBER MORNING128-16-88010:45 AM11:45 AM
MAHARANI236-12-34512:15 PM02:15 PM
MAMA BHANJA200-27-16002:55 PM05:00 PM
KARNATAKA DAY577-98-45910:00 AM11:00 AM
TIME BAZAR MORNING146-19-56811:10 AM12:10 PM
TIME BAZAR147-23-13901:10 PM02:10 PM
TARA MUMBAI DAY990-89-27001:35 PM02:35 PM
SUPER DAY339-56-24012:40 PM02:00 PM
OLD BAZAR470-18-26004:30 PM06:30 PM
TIME BAZAR DAY460-03-67002:00 PM04:00 PM
MAHARANI DAY270-96-45705:15 PM07:15 PM
SRIDEVI DAY267-54-23901:30 PM02:30 PM
DHANSHREE135-95-35711:20 AM12:20 PM
SOPHIE DAY233-83-49001:40 PM03:40 PM
MUMBAI MORNING590-41-14601:30 PM02:30 PM
KALYAN NIGHT450-92-57009:25 PM11:30 PM
MAIN MATKA788-36-22209:30 PM12:00 AM
SHARE BAZAR258-55-23012:30 PM02:30 PM
MAIN MORNING235-04-23912:05 PM01:30 PM
GUJRAT348-51-12812:00 PM01:30 PM
OLD MAIN MUMBAI990-89-18009:30 PM12:05 AM
RAJLAXMI125-89-12611:05 AM12:05 PM
MADHUR MORNING668-07-17911:30 AM12:30 PM
MADHUR DAY233-89-23401:30 PM02:30 PM
MADHUR NIGHT790-63-34608:30 PM10:30 PM
SOPHIE NIGHT790-66-16908:40 PM10:40 PM
KUBER125-86-12309:05 PM11:05 PM
KUBER DAY235-03-23801:15 PM02:15 PM
PADMAVATI NIGHT127-02-15607:45 PM08:45 PM
JAY SHREE DAY690-57-44911:05 AM12:05 PM
SRI DHANALAXMI668-08-17012:00 PM01:00 PM
MAIN BOMBAY MORNING678-18-27911:15 AM12:15 PM
MAIN BOMBAY120-35-23009:35 PM12:05 AM
SUNDAY BAZAR779-31-14612:30 PM02:30 PM
SUNDAY BAZAR NIGHT467-72-34508:00 PM10:30 PM
RATAN KHATRI220-48-12510:00 PM12:00 AM
SRIDEVI [ main ]348-56-45711:35 AM12:35 PM
SRIDEVI [ main ] NIGHT679-26-24007:35 PM08:35 PM
SUPREME MORNING450-98-35011:55 AM01:55 PM
SUPREME DAY123-69-56803:35 PM05:35 PM
SUPREME NIGHT368-77-27808:45 PM10:45 PM
GUJRAT NIGHT360-91-38008:30 PM10:00 PM
TARA345-25-25802:49 PM04:50 PM
SITA MORNING380-15-45609:45 AM10:45 AM
PUSHPAVANTI MORNING119-18-56711:05 AM12:05 PM

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