Dreams About Snakes: Here’s What It Means

Dreams about snakes– Dreams are extremely personal things for everyone. When it comes to interpreting your dreams it is important to know how it connects with your life. Nothing is random when it comes to dreams. According to Loewenberg, snakes are always been associated with ancient symbolism. If you are seeing snakes then it is indicating a new way your life is heading right now. 

I’m having continuous Dreams about Snakes-

Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, professional dream analyst and author stated that dreams about snakes typically represent one’s lifestyle as dirty, low, toxic and poisonous behaviour. However, they also indicate your healing and health. Regardless of what it means, one should never ignore signs if snakes come in your dreams. 

One should start with how dreams make you feel and they will tell you how to find out the triggers of your life and make sure to address it.  “A snake within a nightmare is a very good indication that your subconscious feels there is a toxic person in your life that is an immediate threat, meaning their toxic behaviour has reached a point where your subconscious has had it and needs to slap you into attention,” Loewenberg states.

If you are seeing dreams about snakes repetitively or seeing different kinds of snakes in your dreams then this might indicate you are overwhelmed because of certain situations in your life or a toxic person. 

“like a spouse or co-worker,” she notes. “The more present the snakes in your dream, the more present the person is in your life.”

Additionally, if you are seeing green snakes, Loewenberg states- “Is there a jealous, toxic person around you?” she asks. It also indicates that you might be feeling jealous of a certain person or pushing away from a toxic behaviour of a certain person. Try to remember whom you saw in your dreams or  what was the situation, 

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