Are you having Dreams about Water – Read to know more

Dreams About Water– Analyzing your dreams can be a great way to understand your emotions. When it comes to water it is always associated with purity, creativity, fertility, emotional well-being, and your future endeavors. As per Freud, seeing dreams about water are closely related to birth. If you’re experiencing something of that sort then you might or someone around you might be pregnant. Psychology Today states- “Either one plunges into water or climbs out of it, rescues someone from water or gets rescued from the water, indicating a mother-like relationship to that person.”

I’m having Dreams about Water-

If you are having visions about the ocean in your dreams that indicate emotions that are strong and deep just like tides. It is primarily made from water i.e. largest element in the ocean. In order to find out what they are indicating you must know what the state of the ocean was in your dreams. If it is calm then it denotes mental stability, meaning everything is going smoothly with no delays. So, this is a positive sign if you are traveling or on a path of a long journey. 

Additionally, if you are seeing a river and you are going with the flow then it means your life is about to have positive change or is going in a positive direction. It shows you will be at peace with whatever the outcome will be. They may also indicate to start taking your life seriously and make the necessary changes in order to focus on it properly. 

If you are seeing a swimming pool then it shows your inner thoughts or say feelings. Dreaming about splashing, floating, and lounging in a pool shows all kinds of powerful and strong spiritual growth. You are shedding your old self and taking one step ahead towards enlightenment. 

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