Dressing The Bon Chic Way-Style Rules To Look Effortlessly Put Together

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As the French say ‘Bon chic, bon genre’ which means Good Style, Good Attitude. 

To dress well is to project a good attitude. 

You may or may not have all the rules of fashion pat-down, and if you are worried or not sure where to start, always go with pieces that are classic and simple style. But for the most part, here are the essentials that you want to equip your wardrobe with to achieve a simple but versatile style. 

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Here are a few ground rules:

  • Carry on with class

You want to project confidence and relatability. Think of a classy person you look up to in terms of style- you wouldn’t see any of them carrying bags with labels emblazoned vividly. Try to avoid any flamboyant show of wealth. Allow your sense of style to speak to itself. Go for classic black laptop bags or shoulder bags to hold your things. Even dark brown or mahogany bags go well with almost any colored clothing you have. 

The idea is that just by looking at the item of clothing, one can tell if it is an expensive brand or not without looking at a logo as all you need to do is carry it with class. For those that follow fashion trends and the latest collections, understated elegance is your best bet.

  • When in doubt, go neutral

Colors are one of those things that are a personal preference for many people. Some wear bold colors while most stick with neutral colors. These bold colors are usually in the form of statement jewelry or a skinny scarf, in shoes, bags, and other accessories. 

Black, grey, ivory, white, and navy blue are favorite color palettes among business people and career people. Black plays a major role in a business chic wardrobe as they give that classic taste to any fashion piece. It is also easy to pair things without spending too much time figuring out what to wear. When it comes to make-up for women, go for neutral and simple but maybe keep colors to bold lips (like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and are usually in a variety of red hues. If bold lip colors are not your thing but you’d like to have a fuller set of lips, try to rejuvenate your appearance. 

  • Make a statement with simplicity

As the great fashion icon, Coco Chanel said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. It works for both men and women. You may think that you’ve accessorized enough or too little but check yourself in the mirror again. For men, your essential accessories are a watch, a tie, or a lapel pin. For women, these accessories could be earrings, a watch, a necklace, and a tie. Accessories create texture, although over-accessorizing can kill an outfit. For business people, it is good to abide by this fashion rule by the great Coco Channel and always looks put together whether it’s a chunky necklace or a thin tie they’re wearing or a statement bangle, a classy lapel pin.

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  • Step forward with the appropriate footwear

 You want something comfortable to be in to last the long hours of walking, moving from one meeting room to another, speaking to people, and walking fast enough to get from one place to another with ease. Tacky heels or shoes do not spell serious, confident, or even sexy, and no person would be caught dead in something that they are not comfortable with when it comes to the workplace and business. 

This does not mean that women are not supposed to wear heels or men are not supposed to wear fashionable shoes. You need to wear the right footwear for the right event or the right occasion. 

  • Look comfortable, but classy

The last thing you want to do is look uncomfortable in the clothes you wear to a business meeting, a networking event, a conference, or even a career fair. If you are not sure what to wear, stick to wearing classic pieces that make you comfortable and make you look good. Black pants and a white shirt with a tie, a pencil skirt, and a white shirt with even ballet flats do the trick, straight-cut jeans with a plain shirt or top with a blazer over are all comfortable yet professional choices. There is no point getting tight-fitting dresses or tight-fitting shirts that restrict airflow and neither would you want to see yourself in clothing too short or too low. You can accentuate your assets in a tasteful, professional, and graceful way. 

Nothing is less sexy than a man or woman trying too hard to be confident or sexy or pulled together because they will look uncomfortable. Sometimes wearing the basic items can be professional and sexy when you feel confident and comfortable in them. 

  • Always dress up rather than dress down

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That being said, while the invitation says casual or business casual, that does not mean you can waltz out of your home looking like you just grabbed the nearest thing out of your closet. 

Looking presentable is the goal without looking so over the top. You want to impress but not look, you took hours to decide on what to wear. The point is, you want to dress up wanting to look presentable and casual because you never know who you’d meet! Putting in extra effort to look good shows that you care about what you do, the people you meet as well as the event you are in. 

There are clothes that you wear at home, and there are clothes that you wear exclusively outside the house- make that distinction in your wardrobe. There is no day-off for the business person even if it is going to a beach cocktail event. No going out with pajamas rather, you will wear real pants and shoes and no Ugg boots. Always remember that you might meet someone you’ve been wanting to meet for a long time and first impressions count. 

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