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DST-funded incubator focuses on developing wearable assistive technologies




DST-funded incubator to focus on wearable, assistive technologies

New Delhi, March 20 (IANS) The Salem-based Sona Incubation Foundation (SIF) is all set to nurture startups focusing on wearable and assistive technologies under the DST-funded Inclusive-Technology Business Incubator (i-TBI) initiative. Located at Sona College of Technology, the SIF will provide mentoring, investor connect, and infrastructure support for prototyping.

With a budget of about Rs 5 crore, including 20% investment from the host institution, Sona College of Technology, the SIF aims to support startups with access to research and development labs for innovative projects. Head of Sona Incubation Foundation, Sathya Murthy V, mentioned, “Incubates will benefit from the outcomes of the 36 research and development labs within the college.”

The funding also includes a grant of Rs 1.5 crore over three years for startups, particularly focusing on wearable technologies. The i-TBI initiative aims to incubate startups dealing with sensor-based fabrics for monitoring, communication, and assistive technologies to aid individuals with disabilities. Companies in health tech, edtech, SaaS, and industry automation have been identified for incubation in phase 1 at SIF.


The SIF within Sona College of Technology campus is well-equipped with facilities such as co-working spaces, prototyping infrastructure, FAB lab with PCB printing facility, and semiconductor devices. The institution plans to provide comprehensive support for startups in the wearable and assistive technology sectors, fostering innovation and growth in the Indian startup ecosystem.

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