WATCH VIDEO: Dublin-New York Portal Shut Down After Onlyfans Model Ava Louise Flashes Her B**bs on It

Viewer discretion advised: The video contains explicit content.

“On 8th May 2024, a portal was set up between Dublin and New York. It’s a 24/7 portal where both cities can see what’s happening with each other.

It’s a very creative and innovative way for people to stay connected.

Dublin-New York Portal Closed Following Inappropriate Incident Involving OnlyFans Creator Ava Louise

The portal was opened mainly because both cities have always had a rich history of connection, and technology innovators tried to keep them connected through a portal where people can see each other and stay connected around the clock.

However, the portal was not used for its intended purpose.

People have been flashing their bodies and showing inappropriate videos of the 9/11 Twin Tower attack, which was captured on a video shared on social media.

The portal was finally shut off recently when OnlyFans creator Ava Louise flashed her breasts live.

Who thought this portal from NYC to Dublin was a good idea— Historic Vids (@historyinmemes) May 14, 2024

When she did it, she also said,

“I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see my two New York homegrown potatoes.”

There are clips of drunk women being dragged by the guard in the portal as well.

There’s great innovation behind it; however, due to the misuse of the same, the portal is now shut off and is not in use for the time being.

Whoever thought it could be a great idea to put a video portal between New York and Dublin didn’t expect this 😭😭😭— The Poll Aunt (@ThePollAunt) May 15, 2024

People have also mooned the portal and shown the bottom part of their bodies while it was active. The portal has led to many inappropriate videos being streamed on it.

Currently, the security guidelines are under discussion, and the portal makers are also working around the clock to improve it.

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