During shoot breaks on Sonu Sood directorial ‘Fateh’, Shivjyoti Rajput was known for singing frequently.

Actress Shivjyoti Rajput, known for her work in ‘Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story’, has shared an incident from the sets of her upcoming movies ‘Fateh’ and ‘JNU: Jahangir National University’. Rajput’s singing during breaks irritated crew members, but she found it fun.

In a recent video shared by Shivjyoti, she can be seen singing on the sets of ‘Fateh’. Despite crew members stopping her, she enjoyed the moment, saying, “When you are giving a take, you get into the character and after a point of time, you want to be free too.”

Shivjyoti will portray the role of Saira Rasheed in ‘JNU: Jahangir National University’, inspired by political activist Shehla Rashid. The film will showcase Shehla’s evolution from a student activist to a prominent voice in Indian politics, impacting the political landscape with her vision.


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