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Eagle Ridge Middle School Brawl Video Goes Viral: Pre-Teen Got Beaten Up Brutally



Eagle Ridge Middle School video Goes Viral: Pre-Teen Got Beaten Up Brutally

Viewer discretion advised: The following content contains graphic descriptions of violence that may be disturbing to some audiences.

A video of a pre-teen boy getting beaten up brutally by a bunch of students of his age has spread all over social media.

This incident took place on Friday at the Eagle Ridge Middle School in Minnesota, US.


The disturbing nature of the video has sparked mass outrage all over the internet.

The video showcased a bunch of black students jumping on a small boy by pushing and punching him as well. The victim tried to protect himself by ducking down. However, he was beaten brutally.

The victim had brown hair and he was seen wearing a black jacket. He could be seen weeping in the video as screams like ‘Oh! damn!” grew louder.


The Daily Mail reported that the pre-teen was pushed against a wall of lockers. The group of bullies pinned him.

The Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District stated that school staff intervened in the brawl immediately and nearby students “took appropriate actions so that the incident didn’t escalate.”

About The Eagle Ridge Middle School Video

The video on the internet ended abruptly before featuring the end scene of the attack.


Daily Mail reported that the user, @CrimeWatchMpls uploaded the video of the incident on the internet on Saturday morning. The video garnered more than 2 million views within a few hours of its release.

Until now, the information about the victim’s family remains unknown.

Netizens took to social media and expressed their anger on the incident.


The video uploaded on the internet clearly shows bullying.

However, the Police Department of Savage confirmed that no reports regarding the incident have been received.

TimesNow reported that the media outlet also tried to contact the principal of the Eagle Ridge Middle School in Minnesota, which is 20 minutes from Minneapolis, and police in Savage. Thus, their response is awaited.


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CBS News reported that an investigation has been carried out by the school administrators. The district said, the school will follow the school policies and procedures mentioned in the student handbook.


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