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EAM Jaishankar emphasizes untapped opportunities for the Indian business community

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar addressed the Indian business community in Ahmedabad, urging them to look towards untapped markets like Africa for business opportunities. He emphasized the importance of international policy in shaping a developed India and highlighted Gujarat’s role in the country’s growth.

Jaishankar outlined five key areas crucial for development, including production, consumption, technology, logistics, and demography. He also stressed the significance of diplomatic engagement in fostering international relations and tackling external challenges.

The Minister discussed India’s foreign policy complexities, its role in advancing national interests, forming global alliances, and adapting to the changing geo-political landscape. He highlighted India’s commitment to promoting global peace, stability, and prosperity under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership.

Reflecting on his career, Jaishankar shared his experience of working with a Gujarati Prime Minister in 1977 and the continued importance of Gujarat in his work. He encouraged Indian citizens and businesses overseas to make use of Indian embassies for assistance and emphasized the priority of ensuring the safety of Indians abroad.

In conclusion, Jaishankar urged businesses to explore new markets beyond the traditional ones and emphasized the potential in Africa. He highlighted the proactive steps taken by the government to boost India’s growth and enhance its global stature through economic diplomacy initiatives.


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