eCommerce‌ ‌Sales‌ ‌Funnel:‌ ‌A‌ ‌Stepwise‌ ‌Flow, From‌ ‌Awareness‌ ‌To‌ ‌Conversion‌

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Do you own an eCommerce store? Do you want your website visitors to buy your products and smoothly checkout? Do you find your visitors drifting to your store or abandoning the cart?

If you want your website visitors to successfully checkout from your eCommerce store, then optimizing the eCommerce Sales Funnel is what you need to do. 

When people visit your website, they go through various stages that define whether they are going to become your life-long customers or vacate your shopping cart

In this blog, we will guide you to understand the eCommerce sales funnel and how you successfully apply it to your website. 

So let’s get started!

What Is an eCommerce Sales Funnel?

eCommerce Sales or Conversion Funnel is a path that a buyer follows to find a product to finally end up purchasing it from your website. 

This buyer’s path consists of various stages in which a buyer first gets to know about the problem, search for a solution, look for the best options, generate interest, and lastly take steps to buy a product. 

eCommerce trends like social eCommerce, shoppable social media, loyalty programs, etc. are redefining the old-age ecommerce funnel. 

Every business has a conversion funnel. Those businesses who understand it and utilize it effectively are the ones making huge profits. Contrary, businesses unaware of conversion or sales find their potential customers drift away without buying their product or services. 

eCommerce Sales Funnels strategies are different for different businesses, but every business follows the same eCommerce Conversion Funnel stages to convert a visitor into a loyal customer. 

4 Stages Of eCommerce Conversion Funnel

Here below are the 4 major stages that every customer goes through before becoming your loyal customer. Depending on which stage they are in to, it will enhance the purchase decision of the customer as per their perception of your business, product, or their urgency of need. 

Stage 1: Awareness

Awareness is the first stage where your customer interacts with your business or product initially. It is also an important stage because the impression they generate for your business, at first sight, will define their future with your business. 

You have to make sure that people receive relevant, informative, valuable, and attractive information that provides an effective solution to their problem. 

It is the important stage where your customers get to know about the problem as well as potential solutions to make their life easy. 

Hence, businesses need to strategically optimize the Awareness stage and provide effective solutions by educating customers without demanding any value in return. 

Stage 2 : Interest

Once you walk your customers through awareness, now you are in a place where building regular communication between your customer and brand is important.   

Build creative, educative, and entertaining content so that your customers stay tuned to your brand and generate interest in your product. 

Use social media channels to leverage connection with your customers. Share interactive images, videos, memes, blogs, etc., that replicate your brand and offer entertaining content which keeps your customers interested in your product or service. 

Stage 3: Desire

If you know your customers are showing interest in your product and like to get engaged, you are now ready to move on to the next stage – Desire. 

People only buy any product for which they desire or have a critical need because there are so many products that people are interested in, but they do not buy every product. 

How to create desire? Tell your customers about the benefits they will get with your product instead of delivering features to your customers. 

You have to keep a balance between the benefits and features of your product; it will give them a better idea and usefulness of your product. 

Stage 4 : Conversion

Now your audience is very well aware of your product and reaches a point where they desired your product. Your audience is ready to add your product to the shopping cart and tap on the Place Order button. 

However, you need to enhance the checkout process and reduce the time a user needs to place an order. Make your checkout process not more than 30 seconds. Remove all the unnecessary forms, hidden charges, and undefined buttons from the checkout page. 

Provide multiple payment options so that users can select any payment method they are comfortable with.  

Importance Of eCommerce Sales Funnel

For business, it is important to understand the eCommerce Sales Funnel and know how to drive their customers from each stage to grow online sales. 

If you know in which stage your customers are into, you can work to optimize each stage and optimize the buyer’s journey that retrieves maximum benefits.

Your eCommerce Conversion Funnel creates an impactful customer journey. Do thorough research and analyze who your customers are. Make buyer’s persona and collect data that tells you more about your customers. 

Last note, social media plays a critical role in promoting your business and enhance your eCommerce Sales Funnel. 

Final Words

Now you know the different stages of your eCommerce Sales Funnel and understand its importance to your business. 

To make your business successful on an eCommerce platform, you need to build a strong customer journey path that leverages the connection of customers with your business at each step and takes them to the final step where they convert into your loyal customers. 

Start optimizing your eCommerce Sales Funnel from today and make exceptional sales for your business. 

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