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Ed Matthews Arrested, Charges Unknown, Kick Streamer To Be Denied of Bail, Reveals HSTikky Tokky

Ed Matthews, the famous TikTok influencer, was reportedly sent to prison in the United Kingdom on Saturday. The information was provided by his friend, HSTikky Tokky, also known as Harrison Sullivan, reported by Times Now.

A video went viral in which the popular TikToker could be seen being taken away by police officials. Ed Matthews is a well-known social media personality, recognized for ‘popularizing the idea among British youth of taking on pedophiles online.’

Ed Matthews’ friend, Sullivan, shared the viral footage again with a message. In the message, Sullivan criticized the justice system of the United Kingdom.

A well-known source disclosed that the TikToker would have to spend 4.5 months in jail. He also requested legal help.

While posting the video, HSTikky Tokky wrote on Instagram, ‘How the ** have they done him like this for 4.5 months behind bars with charges put on him like he’s a proper criminal KMT!!!’

Ed Matthews Devoid of Bail, Charges Unknown

HSTikky Tokky seemed furious. He added that he would apply for bail next week. Until now, the nature of the charges against Ed remains shrouded in mystery. Even Sullivan has not yet revealed them.

Moreover, Sullivan described the charges as flimsy. He also added that Ed has no criminal history whatsoever.

In another post, HSTikky Tokky provided an update about the incident.

He wrote,

“I feel too peak for Ed; we were meant to be traveling Europe right now, having it off, sitting in a cell right now for what? The UK justice system is so corrupt.”

Reportedly, during Kick live streams, an influencer named Vitaly set the trend to catch alleged pedophiles. Ed continued with it with the message ‘catching predators,’ which gained him an additional 185K followers on Instagram alone.

Moreover, HSTikky Tokky stated, ‘He’s got a court date in four and a half months,’ while disclosing his fear of Ed not receiving bail.

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