Late Comic Artist Ed Piskor’s Suicide Note Goes Viral: Denied Allegations of Sexual Misconduct 

The renowned American alternative comics’ artist, Ed Piskor, met his ultimate demise at the age of 41. The news of Ed Piskor’s demise was announced on social media. 

Ed Piskor is popular for his works like ‘X- Men: Grand Design,’ and ‘Hip Hop Family Tree.’ He shared a note on Facebook denying all the allegations against him regarding sexual misconduct, reported AIPT.

Last month, Molly Dwyer, a 21-year-old cartoonist, accused Piskor of “attempting to groom her.” The duo exchanged texts in 2020, on Instagram at the age of 17. 

Comics Beat reported that from the conversation it seemed that Piskor was aware of the age of Molly Dwyer. Still, he called Molly a naughty girl and his “good partner in crime.” Then he asked him, “you’re not a snitch, are you?”

Reportedly, he also sent her a picture of his room by inviting her to “crash if she ever came to his side of the country for a few days.”

Ed Piskor’s Suicide Note

In the Facebook post, Piskor acknowledged that it was not right of him to message the minor.

He wrote,

“I’m so sorry for being so stupid. I definitely should never have talked with Molly D. The language and optics look real dumb at best, but I promise my innocence. Especially out of context, it looks terrible. It was the height of Covid with no end in sight, and I was alone through most of it. I was just happy to have the internet to talk to people with common interests. The way that I noticed her was when she would like a bunch of my pictures at once. I wasn’t trolling Instagram randomly, but I definitely shouldn’t have chatted with her when I found out how young she was.”

He added,

“There was no way I’d have a 17 yr old stay at my place. Maybe not 18 even. I was looking forward to some unknown future where the Covid lockdowns were finished, and we could see people again. And it wasn’t even with sex in mind, but simply saying that there’s a bed here to crash like the kindness that was given to me a bunch of times when I was starting out.”

When I said ‘naughty girl’ it was sarcastic after she told me some simple crime or infraction she committed. The whole pile of my dms she collected to show is just awful to look at. I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to offer professional favors to anybody or use my ‘position’ (what a joke) to get into anyone’s pants.”

As per The Wrap, Dwyer leveled allegations against him. Molly Wright accused him of asking her for oral sex. The question was in exchange for Piskor’s agent’s phone number. 

TimesNow reported that, Piskor denied the allegations put forward by Wright and regarded that those actions were “border criminal.” He added that Molly Wright should be held accountable for them. 

Piskor added,

“She pushed this over the edge into ‘multiple women’ territory. It’s so corny. I absolutely never asked for a blowjob in trade for anything ever. She successfully made me look stupid and everybody accepted her words as fact. Citizens of the internet are playing such dangerous games on people’s lives.”

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He concluded,

“I was murdered by Internet bullies. Massive amounts of them. Some of you out there absolutely contributed to my death as you were entertaining yourself with gossip. I wasn’t Al. I was a real human being. You chipped little bits of my self-esteem away all week until I was vaporized. Maybe I’ll be able to haunt you dorks like a ghost. I come from Gypsy heritage and I’m definitely cursing a lot of you.”

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