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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Your Zodiac Sign

Lunar Eclipse 2021

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In Vedic astrology, the Moon is considered a feminine planet, and its position in the natal chart has a huge impact on our lives. Our mother, emotions, and feelings are all represented by the moon. Before we witness the solar eclipse of 2021, there will be a partial lunar eclipse. 

However, it may not be visible in India because it will occur between 11:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Nov 19, 2021. The Partial Lunar Eclipse has a great impact on all of us because of its powerful sensations.    

What Does Lunar Eclipse Mean?

The lunar eclipse is one of the major occurrences that tend to appear once a year in everyone’s life. Only on the day of a full moon, this major event occurs when the Earth overshadows the Moon. When the Sun and Moon are in opposite directions, and the Earth passes between them, the Sun’s light is blocked from reaching the Moon. The colour of the Moon changes slightly too orange or red during a Lunar Eclipse.  

Even though it will affect all of us according to our Moon signs, the effects will be distinct. Let’s see what happens.

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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Aries

New career opportunities await you, Aries. There can be rapid changes in your personal life. You can expect a little push to finish your tasks. This period can help you regain your energy, and you would begin to appreciate life once again. Ego and pride may arise unexpectedly, and you should be aware of this. It’s time to reflect on your actions and begin making plans for the future. No more single bells as it’s a good time for lovers. Romance is likely to pay a visit, thereby increasing your desire and passion—fun and frolic time for competitions and sports events. 

Effects on Taurus

It’s time you change your strategies, Taurus natives, to make more money. Investing to earn more profits should be your go-to mantra. Financial issues are likely to be resolved, and you might even find a new source of income. You might change your values and embrace some new ones. It’s a good time to start a family, and finally, you learnt how to appreciate spending time with your loved ones. This phase may give you the wisdom to reduce family issues, hence improving your relations. You might be able to strike a good balance between family and personal life, which is expected to put a smile on many people’s faces. 

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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Gemini

Travelling and relaxing doors have opened up for you, Gemini! This break has made you more courageous and confident. You might even have your passion drive back. Also, it’s a great time for adventures. Your past issues with your siblings are likely to get solved, and a new start is predicted. This is an excellent time for creative artists, particularly singers and actors. You are more likely to share your ideas with people. Just a word of advice? Always think before you speak, or it can cause trouble.

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Effects on Cancer

With past issues getting resolved, happy family life can be expected during this Lunar Eclipse, Cancer. It is past time for you to relocate. You might also go out and purchase a new home. Family celebrations are likely to forge new bonds. Your grandparent’s health may improve; thus, they might shower their blessings on you. Sudden growth is expected in your partner’s career. Government employees may have to undergo some good changes. Close friends and family members are likely to be emotionally honest and supportive. You don’t have to go with the flow all of the time, but rejecting it isn’t a good idea either.

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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Leo

This Lunar Eclipse, let your creative juices flow, Leo. Others are likely to get influenced by your creative vibes, and this may make you super happy. The movie industry can anticipate a quick shift in business, and actors are likely to benefit from that. A bright moment to invest in speculative assets and the stock market. As the company grows, your investments might increase as well. Your relationship with your children is likely to improve, and their interest in studies may be back. Spiritual activities allure you. You may be more self-centred at this time, and excessive pride can have a negative impact on others; try to keep it under control.

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Effects on Virgo

Virgo, health problems may be resolved, and changes in your health are likely to make you pleased. Your daily tasks could be fun and make you happy. Changes in your work routine may help you succeed. Fitness is likely to be your top priority, and you might even sign up for a gym membership. If not machines, then aerobics or Zumba can be your go-to thing. A change in diet is likely to work for you. This Partial Lunar Eclipse can bring good times for hotel owners and their businesses as it may start flourishing. You are likely to take necessary actions to be more genuine. Even your confidence is expected to grow. Small adjustments can lead to huge changes, so make maximum use of them.

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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Libra

Libra, rejoice! The time ahead seems to be great for you under the influence of this partial lunar eclipse. Single natives especially are likely to benefit from it and find someone to spend their life with. It is a good start for those of you who are heartbroken to turn over a new page in your life. If you are committed, you may think about marriage. Business-wise, new ventures are peeking from the horizon. You may invest in a new business that has come to you unexpectedly, but it may produce great results for you. If you were having troubles with your business partnerships, they might start to resolve as well. The same would be the case with your legal issues, especially if those issues are related to marriage. 

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Effects on Scorpio

The benefits of Partial Lunar Eclipse 2021 for Scorpio are not at all partial. You may get a surprise in the guise of sudden gains. Your interests in the research field may also increase. Those who are in the field of medicine may see a sudden rise in your career. Some gains by the likes of the inheritance may be coming your way. Your relationships with your in-laws might improve. Writers may get inclined to write something suspenseful. Luck is likely to be on your side. In your personal life, you may experience some sensual moments of love. The goals you have set for yourself are calling you, and you are likely to march towards them aggressively. One piece of advice would be to be polite when talking and maintain punctuality. 

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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Sagittarius

Under Sagittarius, natives are likely to enjoy travelling. Your inclinations towards religion may also increase. It’s about time you try for that post-graduation degree that you desire. Under the influence of this eclipse, you may modify your principles a little. Relationships with your father are likely to improve, but at the same time, his concerns for you are also likely to increase. This is a good time for those in the field of law, and the lawyers may taste the success. Priests of this sign are also likely to benefit from the Lunar Eclipse of 2021.

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Effects on Capricorn

For Capricorn, this might be the time to focus on their career. And on that front, you are likely to find your happiness, too. Those who are looking for a new job, and those who are awaiting a promotion, are likely to get one this time around. Your career choices may surprise others. People who work in government entities are likely to experience good times under this Lunar Eclipse 2021. The higher authorities may make some bold decisions for the betterment of everyone. Students are likely to improve in their studies. Their concentration and hard work may eventually pay off. This may also be a time of many religious activities for you. At your workplace, you might be able to resolve past issues, if there were any.

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Effects of Lunar Eclipse 2021 on Aquarius

For Aquarius natives, this is likely to be a good time for business. Especially if you are looking forward to starting a new one, profits are likely to be there. Some new ideas are coming your way, and you may implement them ASAP. In your work, you may also bring some technical changes. Big companies are likely to make big changes in their policies for big profits! Your social life may come back on track, and you are likely to experience the happiness of meeting people in gatherings. Fun and harmony are the names of the game for your romantic life under the influence of this eclipse. It is, however, important to be careful about the feelings of others, or you may hurt them the wrong way. 

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Effects on Pisces

And international gates have opened for you, Pisces. Your wish to travel to another country is likely to be achieved right now. Soon your ticket and Visa will be in your hand. Your spirituality may take you to an ashram to practice worshipping. Yoga and meditation sound about right to keep your health in check this Lunar Eclipse 2021. Debts are likely to be cleared. Avoid disputes at all costs, or you may find yourself in hot waters. This period may make you more emotional but try to keep them under control. Business owners are kind to your employees as they are devoted and loyal to you.

Lunar Eclipse can be a transformational and unexpected event in our lives. This 2021 Lunar eclipse is extraordinary as it is happening after a pandemic that turned our lives majorly. We surely adjusted to the new normal, and it is necessary to reflect back now to get a clear picture of how we need to live from now on.

Cheers to a fresh start! Enjoy the present moment as this Lunar Eclipse is not going to come again!

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