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Elderly villager killed by wild elephant in Tripura trampling incident

An elderly villager named Nirodh Chowdhury was trampled to death by a wild elephant near his home in Teliamura, Tripura’s Khowai district on Sunday night. The District Magistrate issued an order to tranquilize the elephant within 72 hours and move it to an elephant camp for rehabilitation.

The victim’s family will receive Rs 5 lakh as compensation, stated a forest department official. After the incident, forest and police officials, along with additional forces, rushed to the village. Tension escalated as angry villagers retaliated, injuring three foresters.

Human-elephant conflicts persist in northeastern states like Assam and Tripura due to habitat encroachment and resource scarcity. Wild elephants often venture outside forest areas in search of food and water, resulting in attacks on humans. In some cases, people put up electrical fences near forests, leading to the death of a few elephants.


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