Elkridge Norwood Violent Homicide: Suspect Killed 3 Women, Injured One, Then Shot Himself 

Howard County police on Friday said that a man who shot four of his family members on Thursday night died overnight.

Out of four, three members of the family were killed, and the fourth one was critically injured, reported CBS News.

Reportedly, after killing others, the murderer shot himself.

Officers announced that at about 10 p.m. on Thursday, they had responded to the “6900 block of Norwood Ferry in Elkridge.”

The 61-year-old suspect dialed 911 and reported that he had shot the other members of the family to death. 

The 61-year-old also added that he intended to kill himself as well.

In a news conference on Friday, the spokesperson of the Howard County Police, Sherry Llewellyn, reported the details. 

When the police reached the spot, they discovered three adult women lying dead in the townhouse.

As per Times Now, the 61-year-old suspect along with his son were breathing their last life. The father and son were critically injured by gunfire. Police found a 3-month-old girl on the scene as well, who was unharmed. 

Identities of The Suspect, and Victims 

The three women who were killed were identified as the suspect’s daughter-in-law, Alizey Fatima, 33; daughter, Syeda Fatima, 25; and wife, Syeda Aalia Nayyar, 57. 

The suspect’s son was identified as 31-year-old Muhammad Ali Hamza. He is currently in critical condition and Shock Trauma. 

The spokesperson, Llewellyn, said that the 3-month-old baby will be with another member of the family for the time being.

The baby was identified as the daughter of Hamza and Alizey, the suspect’s son and daughter-in-law.

Nayyar Abbas Syed, the suspect, was also admitted to the Ascension Saint Agnes Hospital where he died overnight. 

Until now, the cause and motive behind the murders haven’t been revealed by the police. 

The officials are investigating the matter.

They were at the crime spot on Friday morning and the investigation is underway.

The entire townhouse area seemed quiet to the police officials. 

Moreover, neighbors also started their day quietly and wondered what had happened, said Haward Police.

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