Elon Musk predicts an AI candidate could win US elections in 2032

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted to lead the US Presidential elections in 2032, according to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. The announcement was made at the 10th annual Breakthrough Prize ceremony, a prestigious event honoring scientific advancements in fundamental physics, life sciences, and mathematics.

During the event, Musk, dressed in a classic suit with a bow tie, was asked about the potential winner of the 2024 US Presidential election. In response, he humorously mentioned, “Who will win the White House in 2032? Which type of AI? Transformers or fusion?”, while sharing a hearty laugh and striking funny poses for the Press.

In a recent interview on X Spaces, Musk forecasted that AI would surpass human intelligence by 2026, raising concerns about the implications of AI on democracy. He stated, “If AI is smart enough, it could undermine democracy” highlighting the potential risks associated with advanced AI technologies.

The ceremony also featured Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates, who was accompanied by Paula Hurd, widow of late Oracle CEO Mark Hurd. Established in 2012 by prominent figures like Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, Julia and Yuri Milner, and Anne Wojcicki, the Breakthrough Prize celebrates significant contributions in fundamental science and awards five $3 million prizes annually for achievements in physics, life sciences, and mathematics.


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