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Different Ways to Embed Twitter Feeds on Website

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Twitter is one of the largest and most active social media platforms. It is the platform through which you can get in touch with people, follow huge brands & celebrities, and can make people aware of your brand or business.

Data shows that in every second about 6000 tweets generated on the platform, which accumulate up to 500 million tweets in an overall day. This increases the opportunity for brands to start a conversation with their audience about products and services. This will generate UGC for brands and help them to embed on their website.

In case you do not have included Twitter in your business planning, then my friend it is high time, include it, create your Twitter profile, and connect it with your official digital platform or website. A great way to connect your official website and your Twitter profile is to embed Twitter feeds on your digital platform. The live streaming of the comments, tweets, and retweets will help your brand expand and will enable your users to check-out your social presence without even the hassle of going to any other platform.

It helps your visitors to gain trust in your brand and will enable your customers to connect with you on all your social media platform profiles without any inconvenience. This article will help you in exploring the ways through which you can embed Twitter feeds on your official website. Let’s scrutinize them together!

Ways to Embed Twitter Feeds on Website

There are different ways to embed Twitter feeds on the website, depending upon the way you want to showcase. Let’s delve into and learn about the 4 best ways which can be used for inserting Twitter feeds on your website. It includes:

#1 Embedded Timelines

Embedding Twitter timelines on your website are one of the easiest tasks. All you need is just an embedded code to bridge a gap between your Twitter profile and the website. Embedded timelines enable your visitors and users to tweet and retweet on your Twitter profile without even leaving your official website.

It makes your website impressive and creates a huge difference in your conversion rate. Embedded Twitter timelines make your website more interesting and interactive. It is just the code that you need to add to the Javascript of the website, and the compelling & impressive timeline will be showcasing on your website.

#2 Embedded Tweets

Embedding single-single tweets on your website is another way of showcasing the love of your users towards your brand. It’s quite simple and can be done efficiently with a few clicks. All you need to do is to select the tweet that you want to embed into your website. Embedding tweets can help you in even adding a photo or a video from the platform to the website.

After selecting the tweet which you want to add to your website, you need to click on the More option or the three dots which are displayed on the tweet. Click on it, and select the option of the Embed Tweet from the dropdown and copy the code which is provided. Now you need to paste this code into your website, and the Tweet will be embedded on your official website.

#3 Embedding a Twitter Widget

The Twitter Widget is an exclusive way to showcase the live stream of the feeds on your website that your Twitter page has received.

The Twitter Widget is the most captivating, colorful, and enticing way to embed Twitter feeds on your website, and these walls can be made efficiently with the help of social media aggregators, such as Taggbox Widget. 

The moderation feature of the tool enables you to refine the irrelevant & the inappropriate content and showcases the qualitative tweets only. The tool comes with an analytics feature that helps you to evaluate how captivating your Twitter embedded feeds are.

Also, you can examine & study the performance of your Twitter posts.

#4 Twitter Buttons

Like adding feeds on the website, you can add buttons on your website. Buttons will enable your users to reach and communicate your brand through Twitter. The buttons which you can add on your website are; Share a link button, Follow button, Hashtag button, and a Mention button.

You can add these buttons either in the footer or in the header of your website page. You can also place these buttons on each page of your website or simply on the homepage. These buttons create a direct and shortcut for your visitors to communicate with your brand through the social media platform making your social presence stronger.

#5 Widgets & Sidebar Plugins

Different plugins and widgets are used to perform and manage different tasks on the website. These plugins and widgets come in the form of codes. There are many plugins available in the market to embed Twitter feeds on your website. Plugins and widgets can be used easily to showcase your Twitter profile on your official digital platform.

The plugins which are mostly used to embed Twitter widgets in either the header or the footer of the website are:

  • WP Twitter
  • Taggbox Twitter Widget
  • WordPress Twitter Feeds
  • Twitter Widget with Styling
  • Easy Twitter Feed Widget


You must have known or realized how much the social presence of the brand is important. Embedding Twitter feeds on your website can help interact with your users, creating brand awareness, captivating new potential customers, and expanding your business.

Above mentioned are the few best ways to embed Twitter feeds on your website. Just make sure that if you are using social media aggregator tools, choose the best one, and do not forget the moderation feature to filter your posts. It’s always necessary for your brand or business that you give them the best to read about the brand.

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