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Embracing the McMahon Line, The US Rejects China’s Claim & Declares Arunachal Pradesh An Integral Part of India

Arunachal Pradesh should be “unambiguously recognized as an important part of India,” according to a declaration that the United States submitted to the Senators. The McMahon Line, the international border separating China as well as Arunachal Pradesh, an Indian state, was once again recognized by the US in the resolution.

According to Senator Jeff Merkley, who co-sponsored a bipartisan resolution with Senator Bill Hagerty in the Senate, the United States must stand side by side with its strategic allies in the area, especially India, at a period in which China persists to pose serious and growing dangers to the Free and Open Indo-Pacific.

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According to Bill Hagerty, the bipartisan measure demonstrates the Senate’s agreement for categorically recognizing Arunachal Pradesh as a constituent state of India.

The US Acknowledges the McMahon Line as International Border

The resolution confirms that the US acknowledges the McMahon Line as the international border between Arunachal Pradesh, the Indian state, and China, the big nation. It comes after clashes between China and India along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Eastern Sector.

The motion also rejects allegations made by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) claiming Arunachal Pradesh is PRC jurisdiction as a result of the PRC’s expanding and becoming more assertive policies.

“American principles promoting liberty and a regulations order has to be at the core of all of our activities and partnerships throughout the globe, particularly as the People’s republic of china pursues an alternative approach,” Merkley said.

The agreement also denounces China’s further provocative actions, such as its use of power to alter the status quo somewhere along LAC, the building of villages in disputed areas, the disclosure of map data with identities for cities and other features in Mandarin in the Arunachal Pradesh, the Indian state, and the enlarging of PRC territorial disputes in Bhutan.

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