Employees of Elon Musk in Brazil facing arrest

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has accused the Brazilian government of threatening to arrest employees of his social media platform X. The stand-off began when Supreme Court judge, Alexandre de Moraes, ordered the blocking of certain X accounts, leading to a clash between Musk and the government.

Musk took to X to express his concern, stating that X employees in Brazil need to be moved to a safe location before a full data dump can be initiated. He criticized the government for demanding the suspension of accounts without disclosing the specific violations.

In response to reports of potential suspension of Starlink contracts by the Brazilian government, Musk stated that Starlink would offer free Internet for schools in Brazil if the government failed to honor their agreements. He questioned the actions of de Moraes, labeling him as a dictator for enforcing restrictions on X accounts.

Musk maintained that while X complies with laws of countries, the demands of the Brazilian government were pushing the company to violate those laws. He even threatened to shut down X’s operations in the country to lift all restrictions imposed by the government.

The situation between Musk and the Brazilian judiciary continues to escalate, with implications on both X and Starlink operations in the country. The tech billionaire’s stand-off with the government reflects larger concerns about freedom of speech and government censorship in Brazil.


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