English Language Day 2023: Current Theme, Wishes, Images, Quotes, Messages, Posters, and Banners

English language day falls on William Shakespeare’s birthday, his death anniversary, and World Book Day. Among the most widely used languages in the entire world is English. The day looks ahead to the language’s improvement, cultural background, and accomplishments.

The term “world language” refers to the language that is most frequently used. As a result, it is referred to as the modern language franca. The official working languages of the United Nations (UN) are French and English. In 2010, the Department of Global Communications launched a project that resulted in English Language Day. It introduced linguistic days for each one of the six primary languages of the governing body.

As part of the effort, each of the six official languages used by the UN around the world is honored on a different day at each of its duty stations. These language days are Spanish on 23 April, Russian on 6 June, French on 20 March, English on 23 April, Chinese on 20 April, and Arabic on 18 December.

Purpose of Celebration

The UN’s language days are held to celebrate the cultural variety and a variety of languages The six primary languages of the Organisation are encouraged to be used equally on these days. The UN’s Language Days seek to educate and enlighten the UN society about the significance of each of the 6 working dialects as well as their histories, cultures, and accomplishments.

On this day, several events are planned, including book readings, English tests, poetry readings, literature exchanges, as well as additional language-stimulation exercises. A key component of peaceful communication between cultures is multilingualism.

Encouraging tolerance guarantees that all of the Organization’s efforts are carried out with higher efficacy and engagement and provide better results. Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish are the six official languages of the United Nations, as was previously said. English and French are the working languages of the UN Secretariat. It is employed in regular business interactions.

Best English Language Day 2023 Wishes, Images, Posters, Quotes, Messages, and Banners

What adds more glory to the occasion of English Language Day is the birth anniversary of William Shakespeare. Warm wishes on this day to everyone.

English Language Day

Let us celebrate the occasion of English Language Day by celebrating this language as well as remembering one of the most famous writers of all times. Happy English Language Day.

English Language Day 2023

The most amazing way to celebrate the occasion of English Language Day is by conversing with everyone in English. Warm wishes on this day to all.

English Language Day Quotes

This day is celebrated in order to promote multilingualism across the world. Wishing everyone on the occasion of English Language Day.

English Language Day Wishes

Happy English Language Day to you my dear. May you celebrate this day by reading some fiction in English that you have not read.

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