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Influencer Vereena Sayed Allegedly Hospitalized After Motorcycle Accident



Vereena Sayed hospitalised amid a motorcycle accident, sparks concerns on the internet

Content creator Vereena Sayed has been hospitalized after allegedly being involved in an accident on February 28, leading to her admission to a nearby hospital where she is in critical condition.

Her social media accounts have been inactive since February 23. Since the news of the accident went viral, netizens have started posting “get well soon” messages to give her strength and confidence to overcome her situation.

Vereena Sayed Allegedly Hospitalized
Credit- @vereenasayed/Instagram

Prayers and Concerns Flood Social Media for Vereena Sayed After Motorcycle Tragedy

It should be noted that there has been no official confirmation of her accident from either the police or her family. Nevertheless, netizens are dominating social media with concerns for her well-being.

Vereena Sayed is a famous Egyptian-American influencer and social media star. She began her career on YouTube in 2012 but didn’t post any videos until 2018, when she was 15. Her YouTube channel boasts 1.4 million subscribers and has made her a part of the list of famous teenage internet celebrities. In 6 years, she has made around 162 videos, garnering approximately 86,125,000 views.


Vereena Sayed first came into the limelight with a “Get Ready With Me” video where she showcased her hair makeover and makeup. She primarily creates daily vlog, culture, and reaction videos.

Credit- @vereenasayed/Instagram

She has also been involved in controversy; her video titled “Diversity” attracted negative publicity regarding her public image.

In the 12th annual Shorty Awards in the YouTuber category, she was a finalist.

Besides, she has amassed a massive fanbase on Twitter/X with 168,000 followers and 937,000 followers on Instagram.


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As of now, there has been no update regarding her condition from her or her family. We urge our readers not to believe any fake news until it is officially confirmed by a relevant source.


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