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All you need to know about eSports

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Many popular games are free to play. The revenue model of these games is often based on the ability to make purchases while playing. For example, you can pay a small amount for extra points, external adjustments or a loot box. A loot box is a digital treasure chest that gives you random extra items or upgrades. Things To Avoid When Playing Online Gaming

What is eSports?

eSports is online competitive gaming. Gamers compete individually or as a team in a match. Think of games like World of Warcraft and FIFA. Everyone can watch live via streams. The streaming of matches is mainly done via platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

eSports players are professional gamers. The main sources of income are playing tournaments, streaming matches and sponsorships. The game League of Legends is seen worldwide as the protagonist in the eSport world. You can also check Slot online for playing with more fun.

Research from 2017 shows that 39 percent of Dutch young people (14-35 years) are fans of eSports. The popularity of eSports is an example of the changed relationship between humans and technology. Streaming and telling about your own gameplay was previously not possible on such a large scale. At the time, gamers communicated mainly via headsets. With the technological possibilities that are currently available, eSports attracts hundreds of millions of gamers and spectators worldwide.

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Live streaming of games

One of the bigger gaming trends is the live streaming of games on the internet. This mainly happens on the popular platform Twitch. The interaction between the viewer and the “streamer” is the main reason why streaming games – in a relatively short time – has become so big. Viewers can talk to each other during the live broadcast and the streamer can answer questions, for example. How technology is changing the way we watch sports for good?

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It is customary on Twitch to request a donation from viewers. In exchange for a donation, a viewer can, for example, request a song or show a message in the live broadcast.

A disadvantage of Twitch is that it is relatively more likely to use coarse language or explicit images. This is because the broadcasts are live and therefore moderation is slower.

Learning to deal with emotions in games

An important advantage of gaming is that it gives pleasure and can increase positive emotions. Various game features contribute to this, such as reward and feedback and the social interaction with other gamers. Often gamers experience an intense pride after winning a win. In addition, flow is a positive emotional experience described by gamers. Experiencing flow has been associated in research with more involvement and achievement at school, more self-confidence and less anxiety

Besides positive emotions, games also provoke negative emotions, such as frustration, anger, fear, and sadness. Gamers learn to deal more efficiently and flexibly with their emotions. For example, you are more likely to reach a level with the thought “everyone loses sometimes”, than with the conviction “it makes no sense, I will never succeed”. In games, effective emotion regulation strategies are rewarded, such as acceptance, problem-solving, and being able to look at the situation differently (reappraisal). There are always new challenges and sometimes people change their avatar.

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