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Exit Poll 2024 Today: Looking Back At Exit Poll Predictions Of 2019 and 2014

Today June 1st is the final phase of voting for the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections and the voting will conclude by evening. Post the end of the voting, it will be the time for exit polls which will start broadcasting predictions for the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections.

The Congress has already said that it will not participate in any discussions initiated by media houses based on exit polls calling them “speculation and slugfest for TRP”. Home Minister Amit Shah has described Congress’s move as trying to run away from reality.

The Indian Elections is one of the most gigantic electoral exercises and the 2024 elections stretched across 40 days the last phase which ends today will see the voting for 57 seats including the fate of the Prime Minister’s seat of Varanasi.

The exit polls will be available from Saturday Evening. The results of the 2024 elections will be available on June 4th.

Before the announcement of exit polls for the Lok Sabha elections 2024, take a look at the accuracy of these exit poll results in the previous two general elections.

Lok Sabha Elections result in 2019

The Lok Sabha 2019 elections were unique since it was the first time a non congress government had been elected for a second term. The BJP led NDA alliance secured 353 out of 543 seats. The BJP had secured 303 seats while the Congress led UPA alliance could muster only 93 seats. Take a look at the exit poll data for the Lok Sabha elections held in 2019.

Exit Polls of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Polling AgencyNDAUPAOthers
India Today-Axis My India352 (+/-13)93 (+/-15)82 (+/-13)
News24-Today’s Chanakya350 (+/-14)95 (+/-9)97 (+/-11)
News18,IPSOS CNN-IBN IPSOS33682124
Times Now-VMR306 (+/-3)132 (+/-3)104 (+/-3)
India TV-CNX300 (+/-10)120 (+/-5)122 (+/-6)
CVoter        287128127
India News-Polstrat 287 128 127 

Lok Sabha Elections 2014

The BJP-led government led by the firebrand hardline Hindutva leader Narendra Modi had burst into the national scene and crushed the UPA Government which was in power for the last 10 years. The BJP led NDA alliance secured 336 seats, whereas the Congress-led UPA won 60 seats. Take a look at the exit poll data for the Lok Sabha elections held in 2014.

Exit Polls of 2014

Polling AgencyCNN-IBN – CSDS–LoknitiNDA276UPA     97Others148
India Today–Cicero272115156
News 24–Chanakya34070133
Times Now–ORG249148146
ABP News–Nielsen27497165
NDTV–Hansa Research279103161

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