Expert Guide to Blend Hair Extensions with the Thin Hair Perfectly

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Do you have thin and fine hair? Do you look for the best ways to blend hair extensions with hair? Then don’t worry. This article will give you a complete step-by-step guide. Clipping hair extension is the fastest and simplest way to give your thin hair a thick, voluminous look.

Sometimes it becomes hard to completely hide the clips of your hair extension, especially when you have thin hair. The clippers may not clip completely due to fine hairs or Human hair wigs. It may be visible through your hairs, and you may feel hair extension is too heavy for your thin hairs. 

Here we are listing some simple yet important steps that will help you to blend hair extension with your thin hairs perfectly and flawlessly.

Step #1: Choose the Right Extensions:

The traditional hair extensions have a silk fabric stitched base with hand-sewn clips based on each weft. Usually, they come with nine hair wefts rather than 10. Many short human hair wigs contain less hair that ensures you feel comfortable wearing extensions without experiencing any heaviness.

Extensions are also available in different weights in the market; you can choose accordingly to give the right thickness and texture that you want with a comfortable hair extension.

These extensions are made with silicon rather than fabric, due to which the base of the weft is 50 times thinner than traditional wefts. It ensures to fit seamlessly against your hair, and your thin hair can easily cover them. 

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Step #2: Prepare Your Hair:

It is important to prepare your hair before attaching hair extensions to them. If you have selected a clip hair extension, then it is good to apply a small amount of hair spray before attaching the extension. It will provide a perfect base for thin hair that keeps that in place and prevents slipping. 

Also, your hairs must be tangle-free before attaching hair extensions. Brush your hair throughout your hair and make it tangle-free. It will help you to apply for hair extension smoothly and perfectly into your hair.

Step #3: Apply the Larger Wefts:

You should start the application with 3-4 extensions at first if you have thin hair. It will give more volume to your head. Especially, those people who have thin hair, it is important to apply for hair extensions in a strategic order to give a natural and seamless look to their thin hairs. Before applying for hair extension, divide your hair from the base and clip your upper hair in a bun.

The next step is to clip your larger extension along this baseline and leave your hairs down over the extension and brush them. Brushing will help to naturally blend it with your thin hairs. If you want more volume into your hair, again repeat the same steps and add another extension above the previous one. Avoid clipping the second extension too close to the first one. 

Step #4: Attach the Smaller Wefts:

There is no need to use all the sets of hair extensions to give your hair’s desired volume. To get a natural and flawless look, you should continue to clip 1-2 clips at the side of your head after attaching 3-4 clip wefts. While applying for extensions, ensure that they are equally positioned on both sides and are firmly clipped with your hairs.

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Step #5: Style your Hair Altogether:

Once you completely clipped your extension into your hairs finely, the next step is to blend them naturally with your natural hairs. Give a thorough brush to your hair and style them accordingly as you want. Always curl or straighten your natural hairs and weft hairs altogether to give the same texture and look. You can also make other hairstyles like a ponytail, braid or bun, etc.

Final Verdict:

Many people are struggling with thin hair and want to give them a voluminous look. Then you can select a specially designed hair extension with the invisible baseline for thin and fine hairs. Many hair extensions are available, which are comfortable to wear without making your hairs feel heavy. 

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