Exploring the Shopping Streets of Colaba: DJ Fisher’s Journey of Masala Chai and Vada Pav

Grammy-nominated Aussie DJ Fisher, also known as Paul Fisher, delighted fans in India with his first standalone performance. Fisher expressed his gratitude to Indian fans for their support and shared his enjoyable experiences in Mumbai, including savoring masala chai and vada pav.

During his time in India, Fisher watched a cricket match, explored Colaba’s shopping streets, enjoyed local delicacies at Marine Drive, and admired the sunset at the Gateway Of India. His electrifying showcase at Dome NSCI SVP Stadium in Mumbai left the crowd in awe as he performed hits like ‘Losing It’ and ‘Stop It’ during a 2-hour set.

Local talents like Candice Redding, REALMM, AXL Stace, Art Storm, Afterall, and Almost Human also showcased their skills at the event, which was considered a super success by Sunburn CEO Karan Singh. The event set a new precedent in the Indian dance music industry, featuring a hotly anticipated global music act in the house and techno genre.

Overall, Fisher’s performance in Mumbai was a memorable experience for both the artist and his Indian fans. The event not only showcased his musical talent but also highlighted the growing popularity of electronic music in India.


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