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Faheem Abdullah Releases Kashmiri Devotional Track ‘Waavo’ from Album ‘Lost; Found’

Artist Faheem Abdullah has recently unveiled his new song ‘Waavo’ from the album ‘Lost;Found’ in collaboration with Kashmiri artist Yawar Abdal. The song is a devotional one rooted in ‘Dua-e-subha’, inspired by his late grandfather’s recitals. Faheem has previously captivated audiences with hits like ‘Jhelum’, ‘Tera Hona’, ‘Ye Yaad’, ‘Gallan’, and more.

In a statement, Faheem expressed his gratitude towards his fans, saying, “The audiences have showered immense love on me for my music and I hope I continue to garner the same love for ‘Lost; Found’ too as this album is very close to my heart and every artist has put their best self forward to bring out the best for our lovely audiences out there.”

Co-Founder of ‘Artiste First’, Rohit Sobti, praised Faheem’s artistic journey with the album ‘Lost;Found’, stating, “Faheem is in the process of finding himself as an artist through the album ‘Lost;Found’. This album is his hard work for more than 10 years of the masterpieces which were penned in his diary. This song is so pure that it will definitely take you on a spiritual journey.”

On March 9, Faheem released another track titled ‘Ishq’ from the same album in collaboration with Rauhaan Malik. The song lyrics are penned by Amir Ameer. The album ‘Lost; Found’ seems to be a passionate musical endeavor for Faheem, showcasing his growth and dedication to his craft over the years.


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