Faithful Vadivelu Lovers Will Never Miss These 25 Epic Vaigai Puyal Moments

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True Vadivelu fans will never forget these epic Vaigai Puyal moments. We’re a culture who grew up loving Vaigai Puyal wow us with his ability and amuse us with his distinct flair as he spoke, moved, and started singing his entrance into men’s souls. With his amazing acting in films like “Friendship”, “Chandramuki”, “Imsai Arasan 23 M Pulikesi”, “Pokkiri” and others, Vadivelu captured our souls.


Vadivelu is a man of many abilities, especially folk tunes, body posture, and emotions because without our existence would be less enjoyable and humorous. Vadivelu is the Emperor of Memes Content, and he rules all social networking discussions on Tamil films.

More About Vadivelu

BGMs for comedians were first created for Vadivelu films, and were palm and adapted to accentuate the actor’s flair. While the comic business had neglected the meaning and significance of body language, Vadivelu got it back into the limelight. He generates humour with his complete body, not just his words! Millions of moviegoers adored and admired him for his comedic approach.

No other entertainer or actor has ever had quite an impact on the government’s daily lives, nor have his or her lines and slang been used in normal discussions. He is revered as the God of the Tamil meme culture, who worship him with adoration. His 33-year contribution to the Kollywood business cannot be adequately expressed in words.

Top 25 Vadivelu Dialogues

Here’s a list of 25 Vadivelu phrases that may make anyone laugh even if they don’t have the audio, demonstrating the man’s magnificence!

1.Eppa!! Kelambiruchu pa, kelambiruchu pa!
3.Vada pochey
4.Why blood? Same blood.
5.Vaaya moodra korangu
6.Sothulayum adi vaangiyachu sethulayum adi vaangiyachu.
7.Naanga adi vangatha area-ve kedayathu.
8.Feeling ah? Ena, ena feeling-uh?
9.Excuchse me? Antha korangu bomma enna vela?
10.Building strong-uh basement weak-uh!
11.Pesikittu iruken mama..!
12.Build up panrano peela vidrano athu mukkiyam ila. Naama edhu pannalum intha olagam nammala odaney uthu pakanum. Naadhari thanam pannalum naasookka pananum.
13.Singggg in the rain.. I am sing in the rain..
14.Maapla? Maapu? Vechutan da aapu!

15.Entha oru vishayathayum plan pannama panna ippadi thaan. plan panni pannanum.. oh-kay? Listen to our Thalaivan and plan your 2021!
16.Hello.. naa varuthamilla vaalibar sanga thalaivar Kaipulla pesren. Yar pesarathu?
17.Cool down.. cool down.. cool down!
18.Sanda-naa satta kizhiyan dhan ya seiyum
Sandai-la kizhiyatha satta enga iruku? Nalla kekuraangaiyya deetial-uh..
19.Venaa.. Valikuthu.. Aluthuruven!

20.Risk edukarthulaam enaku rusk sapdra mathri!
21.Hello! Dubai ah? Ennudaiyya brother Mark irukara?
22.Yei yei Mister!
23.Hey you you you! I fool of the idiot of the ass!
24.Naa apdiye shock aaiten!
25.Aahaa! Onnu kooditangayya, onnu kooditangayya!

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