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Famous Youtuber GOURAVZONE and her mother arrested for flying their pet Dog with Ballons in a VIDEO!

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Gaurav Sharma, who runs a famous YouTube channel named GAURAV ZONE, has been arrested by Delhi Police. The police took this action after one of his videos went viral, in which GAURAVZONE is seen flying his pet Dog named “Dollar” by tieing with hundreds of hydrogen gas-filled Ballons and blowing it in the air. However, after the controversy escalated, Gaurav deleted the video from YouTube. And uploaded another video, in which he is seen to be apologizing. But the police have registered a case of animal cruelty and arrested them from Malviya Nagar.

Here is Deleted Video –

Ruckus on viral video

The pet dog dollar is seen with GAURAVZONE in this. Gaurav ties the dog with a lot of hydrogen gas balloons. After this he says in the video “So now I’m going to blow the dollar.

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Saying this, he releases the balloons into the air. The dog also starts flying in the air along with the balloons. This video went viral as it was shared. Gaurav also shared the same video on his Instagram story.

After this, people heard them very well on social media. People said that they have no right to do such an act with a beast. Some people even started saying that, gaurav can do anything for money. If you do not know how to take care of dogs, do not use them for your benefit. They can never understand the life of animals. Their channel should be banned. There should be strong action against them.

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