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“Never Gonna Recover From This” Fans Troll Kai Cenat as His Old Video In ‘Flower Filter’ Resurfaces Online



Fans troll Kai Cenat as his old video resurfaces online

Kai Cenat seems to be always a hot topic in the media. Recently his fans were shocked when an old Snapchat video of him resurfaced on the internet featuring him in a flower filter. The video first appeared on TikTok and later found its way to other platforms.

As the video went viral, netizens began trolling him across various social media platforms. On Twitter, some users described him as ‘zesty,’ a term often used for men exhibiting femininity.

A popular Twitch streamer’s video has given birth to a multitude of memes and funny reels with many commenting that this might be his most embarrassing moment yet.


One Twitter user commented, “He’s never gonna recover from this.”

Fans troll Kai Cenat over an old video 

Despite the trolling, some are siding with him as a lot of people have embarrassing childhood photos, and Kai looks quite young in the viral clip.

Currently, Kai Cenat stands as the most sought-after and popular Twitch streamer, having won Streamer of the Year twice. He boasts around 9.2 million followers on the streaming platform and has become the most successful African-American content creator. In his live streams, thousands of fans tune in.


He is best known for his ‘Just Chatting’ broadcasts and frequently collaborates with other members of the AMP group, as well as content creators like IShowSpeed and Adin Ross, to produce entertaining content. Over time, he has expanded his influence across various social media platforms.

It is fair to say that his success has been recognized by mainstream media. Last month, he participated in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, further solidifying his status.

Regarding the viral clip, Kai can be seen using a flower filter while lip-syncing to Sydney Renae’s “How You Gonna.


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