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Father and uncle of accused in Badaun case taken into custody




Father, uncle of Badaun accused taken into custody

In a tragic incident in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, two minor brothers were brutally killed, and the father and uncle of one of the accused have been taken into custody. The accused, Javed, remains elusive, while his accomplice, Sajid, was shot dead by the police shortly after the incident.

According to a police official, “The father of slain Sajid and absconding Javed, Babu, along with Kayamuddin, uncle of the accused, have been taken into custody.” The two accused, Sajid and Javed, are said to be involved in the double murder case that shocked the Badaun district.

The victims, identified as Ayush (13) and Honey (6), were hacked to death allegedly by the barber Sajid, who owned a kiosk outside their house in Baba Colony. The motive behind the gruesome murder is still unknown, with the mother of the slain children stating, “It is Javed who can disclose the motive behind the murder of my minor sons. I still do not know why Sajid killed my sons.”


While Sajid was killed in a police encounter shortly after the incident, Javed remains at large, raising concerns about his whereabouts and the need for further investigation into the case. The police are continuing their efforts to apprehend Javed and uncover the full story behind this heinous crime that has left the community in shock and mourning.

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