FAU-G: will be launched in India on 26th January, know the specialty of this Made in India Game

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In India, FAU-G Game is being released on 26th January (Republic Day). FAU-G (Indian Shooting Game Fearless And United Guards) is made in the country. The much popular mobile game PUBG in India was banned in the country last year, thus this Game is ready to take over the market of PUBG.

FAU-G is created by nCORE Game. The special thing of this Game is that it will be fought by Chinese soldiers and Indian soldiers in Ladakh. Through this game, you will be able to fight against Chinese intruders in Ladakh.

In September last year, the Chinese mobile game PUBG was banned in India, after which FAU-G was introduced. There were speculations that this game would replace Chinese company PUBG. this Game is made by the Indian company nCORE. Recently, the company has made it clear that work was going on for a long time regarding this game. It should not be compared to PUBG.

Many people will not be able to play FAU-G like they used to play in PUBG. FAU-G will have missions that move forward with the story. It will have only a few modes of multiplayer mode. Recently the first teaser of this Game was released showing the Galwan Valley. It was expected that this is the first episode of the game. Along with this, a new theme of music was also launched in which Indian soldiers were shown fighting the enemy army.

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During the first teaser, the soldiers were shown fighting, while the second teaser was also shown using weapons. In the first teaser, also give weapons in the hands of the soldiers, which they were using.

Players who want to play FAU-G can register themselves now by visiting the Play Store. Millions in the Country are awaiting FAU-G. After PUBG was banned, This Game had been waiting for several months.

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