Financial Director! What are the duties of a CFO?

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In large companies, one of the most important figures in management is undoubtedly the financial director, often referred to by the acronym of English-speaking CFO. A key professional in the administrative, financial and management control of an organization, by virtue of the role he occupies and the responsibilities he is vested with. What are the tasks that this professional carries out in his daily work? Here is what he does and what tasks he faces in the course of his business.

What a financial director does: duties and tasks he performs in his job

The financial director services are managing all financial operations of an organization. It is a very modern managerial figure who deals with administering, supervising, making decisions on operations of different nature, carrying out heterogeneous tasks, and assuming different responsibilities.

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A role that appears increasingly decisive in today’s market, in which every large company has a financial director, and should place in that position a person particularly prepared to carry out the numerous tasks that it faces in the course of its business of all days. The financial director manages, in fact, all the financial processes within a company organization: cash flow, credits and debts, procurement of resources from banking institutions. This professional has the fundamental task of directing financial objectives, budgets, controlling the investment of funds, evaluating the risks of each operation.

Financial director, how much he earns the average salary of the figure

The professional figure of the financial director, as mentioned, has great responsibilities. In addition to a control, administration and reporting function, it should be considered that it is a role that requires the professional to assist the CEO in strategic decisions and responses to stakeholders, in charge of management planning and control, and above all, he himself takes fundamental decisions for the success of the company.

How much does a financial director make? According to the information we have, the average salary of a CFO is around 85 thousand euros per year. A considerable amount, strictly dependent on the company in which this professional lends his work.

Financial director, requirements and training for this figure

The relevance of a component such as that represented by the financial director within a company is therefore particularly high. The professional called to hold this prestigious position, especially in very large organizations, must necessarily possess the appropriate skills, and continuously update their knowledge, in order to respond in a timely and precise manner to the needs of the world of work.

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The preparation to be included in the training background of a CFO, therefore, must be of high caliber, with a practical cut, markedly devoted to the development of the professionalism of those who cover the role in the company. It is to train valuable resources that the Master in Finance and Management Control was conceived and developed by Alma Laborism. The Higher Education of an educational program such as the one organized by the Faculty Business School professors, financial sector professionals, is ideal for preparing a resource to become an excellent financial director.

To make the training experience complete, Alma Laborie activates a free Career Support service: maximizing the use of the title, inserting the resource in a network of professionals, carrying out individual Career Coaching activities, are just some of the advantages of this free option. Discounts provided for early registration to the Master.

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