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Five Essential Tips for Improving Your Website Design

Can your visitors tell what your firm does within five seconds of appearing on your website? Is it possible for people to go to the blog quickly if they need to? Is your price structure simple to comprehend? Do you have a low bounce rate on your website?

If you find yourself saying “no” to these questions, it may be time to reconsider how you’ve been creating and optimizing your website.

Best Ways to Improve Website Design

Here are some of the best tips to improve your website design.

1. Keep it Simple

The first thing is to keep your website design simple. You don’t need a rainbow design to make it look attractive to people. You just need to make it simple, easy to navigate and help people find what they are looking for online.

These questions will assist you in directing your design. Is there imagery that can help you handle these issues in the most effective way possible? What about a certain colour scheme? Starting your client journey map will assist you in answering these issues and reinforcing your design.

2. Use Premium WordPress Themes

Most people make the mistake of getting free themes for their WordPress websites. This automatically degrades the website design because free themes are not made for professional work.

That is why always go for premium themes that you can use on your WordPress website. Premium themes can be bought online on websites like Themeisle, Envato, and even the WordPress theme directory. Most premium themes come with a page builder that you can use to create sections and columns on your website, automatically enhancing the look and feel of the site.

3. Create a Marketing Funnel

A website with poor customer journey will fail because users won’t convert. That is why it is important to have a marketing funnel on your website from the start. You can add a marketing funnel on your website by assuming visitor intent. A visitor can come from multiple channels including organic, paid, referral, and even emails. Find out how the visitors are coming to your website and where they are landing.

Now optimize those pages so that visitors can directly get to the action area. You can use call to actions (CTA) buttons on your website to make it easier for your users to navigate the website.

4. Use Heatmaps to Monitor Traffic

Many conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools allow you to monitor the traffic of your website. You can use Hotjar, Clarity, or even CrazyEgg to add a heatmap to your website landing pages and see how people are viewing your website. The heatmaps will tell you where people are clicking and how much scrolling they are doing on the landing pages. You can make your website conversion rate even better by adding CTAs on places where the website visitors had the most heat prints. If you don’t know how to add a heatmap, you can hire top website development companies to do that for you from our b2b rating platform.

5. Add Proper Navigation 

Navigation is crucial while creating a website. It’s simply a map that shows the most important destinations that people may visit. It’s how consumers can quickly learn more about your services, products, blog, and other topics.

Nothing is more frustrating than navigating a website that is unorganized or unclear. Overcrowding your navigation, employing ambiguous or misleading hyperlinks, and a lack of structure might make it difficult for your visitors to discover what they’re looking for.

I usually advocate including testimonials on your homepage, service pages, and/or a specific testimonial page in your navigation when it comes to where you should put them on your website. Each of these pages is the perfect place for customers to learn about your business and consider buying.

6. Optimize for Mobile

It’s more important than ever to optimize your site for mobile devices.

If you didn’t know, 80% of internet users possess a smartphone, and according to Google, “61% of consumers are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had problems accessing, and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.”

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, take a look at some of these amazing mobile sites to see how they’ve made their consumers’ mobile experiences as easy as possible.

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