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Five Facts about Lord Hanuman



Facts About Lord hanuman

Hindus worship a variety of deities and in step with Hindu mythology, there are spherical 330 million Gods and Goddesses! Most of them are actually avatars of their principal deities – Brahma, Vishnu or Mahesh. Out of all of the deities, a number of the intriguing and as well as the popular is Lord Hanuman.

There are innumerable tales about Lord Hanuman’s supply, his childhood pranks and most of all, his devotion to Lord Rama.

Listed beneath are 5 attention-grabbing data about Lord Hanuman-


1. Why Hanuman often known as ‘Pawan Putra’?

Hanuman’s mother, Anjana, was an apsara who was cursed to think about the kind of a female monkey. The curse would solely be lifted if she gave supply to an incarnation of Lord Shiva. She carried out intense prayers to please Shiva to grant her the boon. Snug collectively together with her prayers, Lord Shiva despatched an eagle to seize a part of the ‘blessed kheer’ that King Dasharath (Lord Rama’s father) was distributing to his wives so that they may have children. As a result of the God of Wind, Pawan helped drop the kheer into Anjana’s fingers, partaking of which, Hanuman was born, the child was named Pawan Putra (the son of the Wind God, Pawan). It is Pawan who blessed Hanuman and gave him powers to journey with the velocity of the wind.

2. How does a Monkey Become a God?

The cursed Anjana in a monkey type fell in love with the monkey king, Kesari. By Lord Shiva’s and the Wind God’s blessing, she gave supply to a monkey-faced infant. The Wind God blessed the child with intelligence, braveness, nice vitality, agility and the flexibility to fly with the velocity of the wind. With the discharge of the curse, Anjana returned to heaven in her apsara type. As Hanuman grew up, his Godliness was slowly acknowledged by all and even the gods bowed their heads to him.

3. If Hanuman was a God, why was he in solely a ministerial submit in Sugriv’s Kingdom?

Hanuman was very mischievous as a teenager and beloved troubling the sages and completely different ascetics whereas they carried out non secular rites. When his antics obtained an extreme quantity of to take care of by the sages, their Guru, cursed Hanuman that he would neglect his private vitality, until reminded of it by someone in need(It was Jambavan who reminded him, when he suggested Hanuman that he had the functionality to fly all through the ocean to Lanka). In some unspecified time in the future Lord Surya was impressed by the youthful monkey’s thoughts and rewarded him by sending him to Sugriv’s kingdom.


4. Why is the idol of Hanuman lined with vermilion?

In some unspecified time in the future, Hanuman observed Goddess Sita making use of vermilion in her parting of the hair. He enquired about the similar. Upon finding out that vermilion utility elevated the lifetime of her husband, Lord Rama, Hanuman decided to make use of it all through his private physique so that Lord Ram would attain immortality.

5. How is Hanuman widespread to every the epics-Ramayana and Mahabharata?

Every Hanuman and Bhim had been brothers as every had been born (to utterly completely different mothers) after being blessed by the Wind God, Vayu. Hanuman appears twice in Mahabharata, as quickly as when he meets Bhima inside the forest and as quickly as in the middle of the Good Battle with the Kaurav’s. Hanuman ‘resided’ in Arjuna’s flag on the chariot, all by the use of the battle in Kurukshetra.


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