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Flashback 2020: This year people ate fiercely biryani, Zomato delivered 22 orders every minute

Zomato, the food delivery company, has told that in the year 2020, they received the highest order for which dish and which city people have liked to eat. According to the data given by Zometo, Biryani has been eaten in the country this year. Zomato has delivered an average of 22 orders per minute of biryani this year. Pizza was also ordered quite a lot.

About 20 lakh veg biryani orders came
Zomato delivered 1,988,044 plate biryani orders this year. Pizza orders were also high this year. Pizza was a favorite in the delivery trend. Zomato received more than 4.5 lakh pizza orders in May, surpassing 9 lakh by July. The company received 12 lakh pizza orders by September and over 17 lakh pizza orders in November.

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1380 orders made alone
Zomato reported in its figures that a customer in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, ordered 369 pizza this year. At the same time, a customer named Yash, who hails from Bengaluru, placed 1380 orders on Zomato this year. Yash has made an average of four orders on Zomato every day.

Gulab Jamun was the country’s favorite dessert this year. Around a million orders of Gulab Jamun were received during the week of Diwali alone. The highest order of Gulab Jamuns was received in Mumbai this year.

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Bat soup was also searched
Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune placed 25 lakh orders of momos. Delhi was at the forefront. This year, an interesting dish was also consumed by the people and this was Bat Soup ie Bat Soup. 414 people searched the Bat Soup on the Jomatok app. The most expensive order this year was around two lakh rupees. The order price was Rs 1,99,950. The cheapest order was 39.99 rupees. The average orders from Darjeeling were 500 rupees, which is higher than other cities.
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