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Flutter Entertainment are Entering the Indian Market

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The Indian gaming market has a new name to look out for, and it is a big one. Flutter Entertainment, known for their exploits around the world but mainly in the UK & Ireland, have decided to join the market with the purchase of Junglee Games.

This move brings them to the Indian market, and they come in to be one of the biggest names in the market, if not the biggest, which really opens up for something special in the future that Indian casino players could really benefit from.

The number of casinos offering content to players in India is definitely on the rise, with the market also becoming more and more competitive too, which is good for players. Every casino needs to work hard to be the best they can, with comparison sites like Lucky Dice highlighting the best casinos open to Indian players and showing the differences between them.

With services like this, and with big names like Flutter coming into the market, there is nowhere to hide anymore. If a casino wants to be successful in India, they have to bring excellent services to the table.

What Does This Mean for Casino Gaming in India?

Overall, the news that Flutter are moving into the Indian market should be very positive for anyone involved with Indian casino gaming, either as a player or as a company hoping that the market grows. Yes, Flutter will bring more competition with them, but the fact that they have chosen India, and see this as a market to move into is very good news, and shows they think there is room to make some money here.

One aspect of the Indian casino gaming industry that has prevented big names from being involved in the past is the fact that the Indian gambling laws are a little vague. There is nothing to stop players from playing inside online casinos outside of India, but at the same time, there is no specific law saying that this is legal. Until these laws are changed and adapted to include online gaming and make sure that everyone knows the legalities, other big companies may wait to come on board.

The fact that Flutter has made the move means that they are comfortable coming into the market, even as things stand right now. Those who are looking for growth in the Indian market will hope that we see a domino effect here, with Flutter being the first. The local Indian news may soon have stories about other big names coming into the market, and with everyone that does, the service in India will improve, and we are closer to getting a great deal for players.

Whether you play with a big name or a smaller one, the fact that big names are entering the market is only going to be good for you. The big names bring their quality service while the smaller names have no choice but to keep up with the newcomers to the market, so are forced to improve what they do. 

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