Follow These 5 Secret Tips To Gain Weight Healthily – Don’t be an Underweight Anymore

If you are Struggling with Underweight Problems, follow these amazing tips to gain weight that will increase your Body Mass Index (BMI) in no time.

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Having Obesity is very common among people nowadays, but there are many people who are struggling with underweight problems. Having a low body mass can lead to many chronic diseases like Osteoporosis, Low Immunity, Low Body development, mineral deficiency, etc.  It can be extremely frustrating when you are trying hard to put on some weight but don’t see any positive results. The common reasons behind low body mass can be genetic issues, poor nutrition, too much cardio, and weight-related diseases.  One way to determine if you are underweight or not is to calculate your Body Mass Index.  If your body mass index is below 18.5 then you fall under the underweight category which means you need to put on some weight to avoid health risks. Gaining weight needs a lot of dedication and effort. The best way to overcome this problem is to do a calorie surplus and adopt a healthy lifestyle. To initiate the Calorie Surplus, you have to consume extra calories than your body burns throughout the day. Here are some of the Best Tips and Foods that will help you to gain weight fast and safely.

Tips to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

Eat Frequently

Having a low appetite is common in underweight people. So, if your tummy gets full quickly then you can consume 5 smaller meals rather than consuming 3 large meals. In this way, you can intake more calories. To maintain your daily calorie goal, you should eat something healthy after every 3 hours. Eating after specific intervals of time is also good for people who have a high metabolism.

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Strength Training

It’s true that diet plays an important role in achieving your weight gain goals. But to make your body absorb more nutrients from food, exercise is necessary. Exercise helps you to properly digest a calorie-dense diet and promotes muscle growth. If your goal is to gain weight then weight lifting and bodyweight training are suitable for you. These exercises boost your weight gain results by increasing your muscle mass while maintaining your health.

Avoid Fast and Fried Foods

Consuming calories doesn’t mean that you can eat junk or processed food to reach your daily calorie goal. It’s true that these foods are rich in calories but it’s also true that calories we gain from junk foods are just empty. In short, these foods have zero nutritional value. We’ll never suggest you make these foods a part of your diet. Instead, you should go for a healthy weight gain diet. So, to develop a healthy weight, It is necessary to cut off processed foods like burgers, pizza, cold drinks, soda, French fries, cake, cookies, ice cream, etc.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep works as a charger for your body. Many studies have already proved that your body develops when you sleep. When it comes to weight management, sleep is considered an important factor. Sleep promotes muscle growth and makes our bodywork in optimum condition. That is why It is necessary for you to get 8-10 hours of sleep every night.

Stay Consistent

According to us, the most important thing you need to achieve any fitness goal like weight gain, muscle building, etc is consistency. When you start a fitness regime, it is natural for your body to resist these changes which may distract you and make you eat junk food or skipping your diet. Those who stay consistent with their diet, sleep, and training patterns are the ones who succeed in their goals. So, Even if your body is improving slowly, you shouldn’t quit. Instead, you should stay consistent with your fitness routines in order to achieve what you want.

Track Your Performance

Though it’s not included in your five secret tips but monitoring your daily performance not only motivates you but also helps you to make further changes and decisions towards your goals. By analyzing your calorie consumption, you will know if you’re reaching your daily calorie goal or not. Based on these calculations, you can easily add or remove foods from your diet to boost results.

Top 10 Foods for Fast Weight Gain

Foods for Weight Gain


Fish is filled with ample nutrients and fatty acids that are essential for the human body. Fishes like Salmon, Rohu, Surmai, etc are rich sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Only 100 gm of fish contain 206 calories which are very good for a healthy weight gain. Moreover, Studies have also shown that people who eat fish on regular basis have low risks of heart attacks or strokes.

Peanut Butter

Whether you are trying to gain weight or develop muscle mass, a jar of peanut butter will help you a lot in supporting your goal. Peanut butter is a very popular nutrient-dense food that contains vegetable proteins and healthy fats. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain approximately 7 grams of proteins. You can consume peanut butter by adding it in sandwiches, or with bananas. One more option is jelly peanut butter sandwiches. These combinations are not only delicious but are also rich in calories. However, if a person eats more than the recommended amount of butter, it may affect his/her health.

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Milk & Milk Products

You have been hearing since childhood that milk is a complete food. Yes, it is true. Milk contains all kinds of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for the human body. One cup of milk contains approx. 7-9 grams of protein and 110 calories. To make it more effective for weight gain, you can try out milk smoothies at home by adding crushed strawberries. In addition to this, calcium present in milk prevents bone and teeth diseases. You can also include other milk products like cottage cheese, curd, butter, etc. in your meal plan.


When it comes to a healthy and nutritional diet, you can’t miss eggs from your list. Eggs are one of the best nutritional sources that encourage muscle development. These are low in calories, but due to its nutritional values, it is recommended to every gym-goers. Just 2 eggs contain 12gram of protein. In addition to protein, these are packed with numerous vitamins and minerals essential for your body. Including eggs in your diet keep you energetic throughout the day.


If you are looking for weight gain, a banana is an excellent choice. They are nutritious as well as a rich source of carbs and calories. One medium-sized banana is loaded with 27grams of carbs, 105 calories, and 1g of protein. If combine with milk it is considered one of the best foods for weight gain.

Weight Gain Supplements

Not everyone can eat much. Low appetite level is a common problem seen in underweighted people which makes it difficult for you to achieve your daily calorie goal. This is where weight gain supplements support you. Consuming them along with your diet improves your appetite level and calorie consumption as they are packed with healthy calories and other essential nutrients. Moreover, If you can’t carry food to your workplace, supplements are the best alternative as they are easy to carry and consume.


When it comes to weight gain. Avocados are considered a super nutritious food. A standard avocado contains more than 300 calories which is very good for your weight gain goal. Avocados are rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Studies have also proved that eating avocados regularly help in lowering bad cholesterol levels.


It can be tough for you to maintain both protein and calorie requirements during weight gain. Soy is the food that helps you meet both requirements. It has numerous health benefits. Soy is high in iron, calcium, and essential amino acids. 100g of soybean contains 36g of proteins and approximately 170 calories. Soybean also helps you to lower your cholesterol levels.


Filled with ample oats, crushed nuts, whole grains, etc Granola is an excellent food for your breakfast. It is a great source of fibers, minerals, and other nutrients. 30g of granola serving has 150 calories which is very good for your calorie surplus. You can also increase the calorie content in the granola mix by adding more healthy items like strawberries, nuts, honey, etc yourself.

Dried Fruits

Carrying a handful or two of dried fruits can boost your calorie intake. For example, one cup of raisins has 400 calories. Other than raisins dried apricots, apples, and berries are also good to increase calorie intake. All of these foods are packed with proteins, Antioxidants, Fibers, Vitamins, and healthy fats which make them very useful for weight gain.

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The best way to gain weight is to intake more calories than your body burns every day. Processed foods are also high in calories but the calories present in them are empty which means they don’t have any nutrients in them. So, to do it healthily, you should avoid the market foods. Instead, you have to eat nutrient-dense and healthy foods like eggs, milk, cheese, avocados, nuts, and nut butter. For quick results, you should get enough sleep, and Strength Training while tracking your calorie consumption regularly.

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