For the first time in the world: sporty, smart, luxurious Renault Kiger stepped into India

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Following the initial euphoria generated by presenting his showrunner to the world, Renault introduced the eagerly awaited Renault Kiger in India today. The Renault Kiger, a brand new compact SUV designed and developed for India before being introduced to other countries in the world, is the most innovative product towards the transformational products offered by Renault in India. Like Duster, kwid, and Tribar, Renault Kiger will also change his class equations and has the power to change another situation for Reno.

Has made a great place

Kiger has already carved out a great place due to his amazing design, which reflects a very strong personality. The Renault Kiger is designed with a lot of sporty and bodybuilding elements and is a real SUV. As its own place. From the inside, the Renault Kiger’s Smart Cabin Technology is a blend of functionality and open space. The Renault will give the Kiger a new turbocharged 1.0-liter petrol engine power for better performance and driving fun.

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Dependency checked

The engine has been tested for dependability and durability, and offers the latest technological innovation already incorporated on the Reno’s world-class range. This high-performance, modern and fuel-efficient engine will ensure a sopority drive and with multi-sense drive modes that provide customers with the right flexibility according to their driving preferences.

Operations reported

“After the Duster, Kwid, and Tribar, we are now preparing to introduce a modern SUV, Reno Kiger which is perfect for the Indian market. Kiger has everything Reno can offer: our mastery of innovative cars with creativity and a deep understanding of customer needs. The biggest evidence that Reno could actually change is the situation, ”said Fabrice Cambolive, SVP, Reno Brand, Sales, and Operations.

Keeping your promise

“Keeping up to his promise of a show-car, Renault Kiger is a strong, fast-paced and gracious S.U.V. is. Designed to drive urban congestion, we have designed it to run smoothly on the outskirts and on any kind of road. Kiger has a special SUV As is the look and its long wheelbase makes it possible to provide great space and volume to its riders. Its ‘Smart Cabin’ is specifically designed to be used and facilitated together, “said Lauren van den Acker, EVP, Head of Design, Grupe Reno.

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Reno Kiger will showcase India’s strengths in design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities and will show a strong commitment to Reno’s ‘Make in India’ mission. In India, Reno has always focused on being disruptive and innovative which is proven sufficiently with its range of products. Reno will take it even further with the all-new Reno Kaigar offering.

Reno India Operations reported

Speaking about Renault Kiger and the importance of the Indian market, Venkataram Mamillapalle, National Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Renault India Operations, stated, “Reno is constantly moving forward in India and preparing its way in challenging macro-economic environment Has improved the trends of the industry. All this is made possible by our strong business strategy which includes a thrilling range of our products, full focus on quality and customer-centricity, and our strong network across the country.

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Today, we are taking another big step in India with our brand new B-SUV Kiger being presented globally, which will stand out as an amazing offering in a vibrant sporty, super smart, and attractive manner. Not just in India, but across the world through Duster, the S.U.V. After making it accessible to the public at large, Renault Kiger is once again the S.U.V. ‘S expectations will be easily accessible to new customers and we hope to increase the number of our customers with this new changing vehicle. “

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