Forbidden Flowers: Bella Thorne’s Refreshingly Feminine Cannabis Line

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Actress Bella Thorne began her career as a child to help support her mother after her father died in a terrible car accident. Despite encountering early obstacles like childhood poverty and the trauma surrounding her father’s death, she was born in a suburb of Miami and managed to make it as an actress. Of the millions who aim for the big screen, recording studios, or even becoming TikTok famous, success in the entertainment world requires tenacity and talent. Not everyone breaks into the scene due to the sheer number of beautiful people there. It is even more challenging to do this without a famous Hollywood lineage.

Life After Disney and Alt Scene Debut

Bella’s stardom has grown throughout the years due to superb casting with big names and a solid background at Disney, and not everyone can break the Disney mold. Yet, Bella Thorne remains an ingenue who graduated from child stardom and remained relevant beyond her initial roles.

When it came to her sex life, Bella took control of that part of her image. Unlike any other Disney starlet, Bella made her directorial debut with a porn flick. In what’s considered a male-dominated industry, female directors are a rare find.

Bella’s Cannabis Brand: Forbidden Flowers

Bella’s cannabis brand Forbidden Flowers embraces her foray into yet another new business sphere and encourages others to lighten up and light one up. The “GOAT” songstress boasts the best quality bud, available at exclusive locations. The website is a well-designed site with indie artwork and Polaroid aesthetics.

Her line offers four primary effects: Hype Up, Turn On, Zone In, and Chill Out. As many reviews mention, the packaging is gorgeous, and Chill Out features some of the best weed packaging available. The cap resembles a night sky littered with sparkles.

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