Four Things To Consider When Choosing Garden Furniture

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Regardless of how small or big your outdoor space is, decorating it with the appropriate furnishings can improve your home’s overall aesthetic, and at the same time, it can also enhance your well-being. Your outdoor space should be a comfortable area where you can take a nap, read a book, spend time with family or you can hang out with friends.

Nowadays, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to outdoor furniture. Having a comfortable seating area, a good space for dining, and installing various accessories can add to the comfort you need and style cohesiveness to the overall design of your outdoor space.

The seating area can have a sofa, several armchairs, reclining chairs or even hammocks. You can also add more options if you expect to host more people, such as foldable chairs, stackable stools and pouffes. You can also check out sofa sets that already include a table so you can have room for food and beverage. 

Accessories such as shelves, stands and hangable pots are not only handy in terms of having a dedicated space for your beloved plants and gardening tools, but these items allow you to maximize the vertical space of your garden area. 

So what are the things you need to consider when choosing the garden furniture that will best fit your home’s current aesthetic? Read below for more information!


  • PE Rattan

Most outdoor furniture is made of high-quality PE rattan (polyethylene rattan), and it is a perfect addition to any garden, patio or conservatory. You can effortlessly clean it with a mild soapy solution. 

Furniture made with rattan is durable for use all year round. It can sustain mild to warm weather. However, you may want to cover it during winter or any cold or damp weather conditions as a precaution because garden furniture made of PE rattan can crack in freezing temperatures. So it’s best to cover or store them away during winter.

  • Wood

If you plan on buying furniture made of solid wood such as acacia or eucalyptus, you may need to give more time and extra care for it, unlike those made from PE rattan. You have to re-stain these to prevent them from cracking so you can extend their lifespan. Re-staining will also depend on your location, how often you use the garden furniture, and exposure to natural elements. 

For example, those in an open-air environment will frequently need re-staining because they are constantly exposed to rain and sunlight. When it rains, the raindrops are absorbed, and when it’s too sunny, the wood may crack and flake, and the stain may fade.

So when your garden furniture looks a little worn out, you have to maintain it by re-staining, repainting or touching it up now and then.


Furniture frames are usually made from steel or aluminium. Those made from Aluminum are more lightweight, and it’s a better quality metal because it does not rust after long term usage. So you may want to look into these types of frames first before checking out other options.

You can keep them clean by using a mild soapy solution. However, don’t forget to cover or store this furniture away at the end of the season. Preferably a cool, dry place such as a garage, carport or basement. 


Most cushions are made from polyester. Some are waterproof, and some are not. So check first if the fabric used is waterproof so that you can bring it into the shelter during adverse weather conditions. Doing this will preserve the foam and fabric so you can enjoy using it for a more extended time.

To maintain your outdoor cushions and pads, you have to clean them regularly. So to make things easier for you, you may want to check if the cushions have removable covers before purchasing so you can easily clean them. 

You can use a storage bag or box to keep them in shape when not in use. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the foam and fabric are completely dry before storing them indoors to avoid having mould and mildew problems. 


When it comes to colour, it’s better to choose one that will complement the overall look of your garden or patio. You can pick from neutral colours such as blue, black, brown, grey and white. These colours usually go well with green, earthy tones and at the same time chic and modern ones. 


If you are looking for outdoor garden furniture options online, you can check out Home Detail Garden Furniture. They have many comfortable and stylish options to choose from, and who knows, you might find the perfect pieces that will complete your dream outdoor living space. 

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