France President Emmanuel Macron slapped in a meeting by a man

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The incident in which a person slapped French President Emmanuel Macron has caused a huge stir.

People around the world are increasingly agitating and fighting against the presidents and prime ministers of various countries. In Russia, there have been intense protests against President Putin.

The struggles against Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel were also responsible for his election defeat. Protests are taking place in France against French President Emmanuel Macron and the laws he has brought.

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In this context, French President Emmanuel Macron attended a public meeting in the Trom area yesterday. Emmanuel Macron attended the meeting to consult with the public and to hear their views. Emmanuel Macron listened to the views of the people in turn.

What happened
A person who was present during the event tried to call Emmanuel Macron nearby. Emmanuel Macron also went nearby. At this point suddenly the person grabbed one hand of Emmanuel Macron and slapped Emmanuel Macron on the cheek with his other hand.

The incident in which the president got slapped on his cheek has caused a huge stir. As soon as Emmanuel Macron slapped, the guards there caught up with the man. Emmanuel Macron immediately moved a few feet and stood with the guards. This video is going viral.

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The man who slapped Emmanuel Macron was immediately arrested. During the incident, another person shouted that Emmanuel Macron’s policies should be scrapped. He too was immediately arrested. They have deliberately attacked the French president. Police have registered a case in this regard and are investigating.

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