Free subscribers, likes, and views on YouTube? You can get them with YouberUp!

Buy YouTube Subscriber, Videos on YouTube allow anyone to develop in the field of video blogging and commercial areas. However, it is not so easy for a beginner to unwind and draw attention to his work. It takes a lot of effort to get the first subscribers and views. There are paid and free services for this. It is the second method that will be discussed in this article.

The YouberUp application offers to win subscribers, likes, and video views on the YouTube service absolutely free in unlimited quantities. It works on the following principle: you watch different videos, and the same users, like you, watch your videos, subscribe, and like. This guarantees high-quality views from real people, not bots. Accordingly, the more tasks you complete, the more return you will get for your channel. The YouberUp application has internal coins that you can collect to get free YouTube subscribers.

The first thing you need to do is register by entering your email address and password. Immediately after registration, you will receive free coins, you can immediately use them for cheating.

There are three tabs at the bottom of the application, on the first tab you can mine new coins by completing tasks from other users. At the top of the app, switch between tabs:

Subscribe: Subscribe
Like: like
View: watch other videos

For example, a task appears on the “Subscribe” tab: 125 coins for subscribing to the “# BLABLABLA #” channel. After pressing the button, the video from the specified channel will start playing for 35 seconds. This is necessary to make the subscription look natural.

Video playback

At the end of the viewing, you will be credited with 125 coins. The same happens with likes and views. Go to the appropriate tabs and click the “Like” or “View” buttons. After watching the video for about 35 seconds, you will receive coins. Click the Next button to skip the task.

But, before you start helping in the promotion of other channels, you need to log in to the system under your YouTube account, on behalf of which the likes will be placed, and which will subscribe to other channels. Just enter your YouTube username and password. The data will be stored in encrypted storage, the developers guarantee 100% security. If this were not the case, the application would be removed from the Play Store.

How to promote your channel

Go to the second heart-shaped tab at the bottom of the app and select the plan that matches your coin balance (visible on the top right).

Insert a link to your YouTube channel

For example, to cheat 10 subscribers and 10 views, you need 1600 coins. That is, you can use it immediately after installing YouberUp without performing any tasks. You need to paste in your channel URL, click on the magnifying glass icon, select a plan, and click the Get Subscribers Now button. Likes and free YouTube views on the “Likes” and “Views” tabs are similarly wound up, this requires fewer coins, and you need to insert a link to the promoting video.

You can follow the process on the third tab “Task List” at the bottom of the application:

The application really helps to launch new channels and videos on YouTube, buy YouTube subscriber. It works on the basis of a system of mutual assistance between real users. Your channel is helped to promote the same users of the application as you are. This eliminates the likelihood of blocking the channel for attempts to cheat subscribers or views. This is good because many of these paid services use bots, not human beings.

Quantum Marketer discusses YouTube bots in this great peace of content. We will recommend you to read it and check how this whole process works.

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